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The EA trades rarely, but right on target, so a corresponding lot is required to gain significant profit. To analyze the market, the robot uses several indicators on different periods and enters the market at the specified time during the evening.

While bears and bulls fight their teeth and nails, the EA is just watching their violent confrontation from the sidelines. A winner is not important for it, but the EA needs to know which of them is stronger. When it is borne in upon which side dominates in the market, the EA chooses the right time and banks on the dominant party, easily takes its part of profit and leaves the market till the next day.

The robot is developed for GBPUSD, М15.


  • Optimized - enable/disable automated lot calculation depending on the deposit;
  • TradePerc - risk for automated lot calculation;
  • Lots - lot for opening orders if the automated lot calculation is disabled;
  • TakeProfit - distance to the profit order in points;
  • StopLoss - distance to the stop order in points;
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowed spread;
  • Magic - unique number of orders(identifier);
  • UseTrailingStop - enable/disable trailing of orders;
  • TrailStart - trailing start (distance in points);
  • Breakeven - enable/disable the breakeven function;
  • StopLevel - distance from the order for moving a position to breakeven (in points);
  • Elvis - variable of the built-in indicator.

The robot is easily optimized. Usually only three parameters need to be optimized as follows:

Variable Value Start Step Stop
TakeProfit 8 5 10 500
StopLoss 50 10 10 500
Elvis 11 5 1 100

Do not optimize the robot on a large history data. So-called deep optimization for searching average weighted settings is performed when working with very large deposits where the return percentage may be minimum to bring significant profit. Such optimization almost paralyzes the EA if you work with small deposit. Yes, the risk will be minimum, but you will not see any profit as well, and you will just waste your time.

  • I recommend that you use a VPS server for stable operation;
  • The speed of order execution - ECN - is also an important issue.
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