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The EA trades on short-term trends (М5-М15) excluding market high activity periods. The EA brings maximum profit on currencies with a small spread. It uses dynamic take profits and stop losses which are modified depending on the trading situation.

Trading aggressiveness (lot size) is automatically calculated by the EA basing on the deposit size and risk specified in parameters. The EA can work in a multicurrency mode. Risk is set for each pair (if you use several pairs) proportionally to the number of involved currencies.

The EA can trade a fixed lot (not enabling the mode of recovering the deposit after drawdown) with minimum risk. You can work in the scalping mode with short stops, but such trading style requires a proper broker.

The robot can fix the profit via trailing and use floating take profit where positive slippage can be observed.

Perun can work along with other EAs monitoring only its own positions.

EA operating time - 24/5.

Input parameters:

  • Use_LOGO - display the logo on the chart (slows down testing).
  • Use_Time - use timescale for trading.
  • StartTR - time to start trading.
  • EndTR - time to end trading.
  • MAPeriod_main
  • MAPeriod_sig
  • UseATR
  • ATR_Period - settings of the EA's technical indicators
  • Index_VOL
  • Period_VOL
  • MaxTrades - maximum number of BUY or SELL trades (if set to 1 can be buy and sell).
  • Use_Deferred - use pending orders or work with positions.
  • OTL_TS - distance to place orders and trailing start.
  • Use_Step - use averaging order.
  • Open_Step - step to place averaging order.
  • TakeProfit - take profit level.
  • TiTP - seconds within which TP moves away from the current price.
  • TrTP - level of TP increasing.
  • TralTime - seconds to enable stop loss trailing.
  • TiTP1 - seconds to enable take profit trailing.
  • TrTP1 - level of take profit trailing.
  • ResetTime - reset time if common profit is less than 0.
  • StopLoss - stop loss level
  • BU - breakeven level.
  • TrallStart - start of trailing.
  • TrallStop - trailing distance.
  • TrallStep – trailing step.
  • spr_s – increase of spread after which the EA pauses (TimeStopMin).
  • ATRsPer – period of the ATR filter.
  • ATR_DEV – ATR channel after which the EA pauses.
  • TimeStopMin – pause in minutes (open positions keep being monitored).
  • SLP – pause after order opening in MS.
  • Use_ECN – ECN-account is used.
  • ECN_Pips_COM - commission in pips for ECN.
  • magic – unique number of the EA's trades.
  • OpenOrderComment – EA's comment.
  • FixedLot – fixed lot (Enabled if AutoMM = 0).
  • AutoMM – calculation of lot as % of the deposit.
  • Martin_KOF – if the value is bigger than 1, martingale is enabled for an averaging order.
  • RecoveryMode – use the mode of recovering the deposit after loss.
  • Risk - maximum risk of deposit recovery as % of the deposit.
  • MultiLotPercent - coefficient of lot magnification if recovery is used.

By default the mode of scalping with no deposit recovery function, averaging order and martingale is enabled. If the averaging order mode is enabled (Use_Step=true), you can use the martingale strategy (Martin_KOF>1). The option of the deposit recovery is available for all modes and strategies (RecoveryMode=true). We recommend optimizing parameters for trading conditions of your broker and selected currency pairs before use. Set for optimization and technical support are provided on the developers' website.

Julia Borzikova
Julia Borzikova 2015.12.14 16:41 

Друзья, пользоваться Перуном начала полгода назад. В данное время торгую на нескольких валютных парах. Стратегия скальпинговая - очень интересная по задумке. Спасибо, авторам. Есть постоянная связь по скайпу с разработчиками. В сравнении со старой версией, которую брала вне mql, гораздо удобнее в использовании - купила и всё настроено, сразу работает в прибыль.

Sergey Shevchenko
Sergey Shevchenko 2015.11.11 08:41 


Ashraf Ahmed
Ashraf Ahmed 2015.10.27 19:16 

Please Read New Updates:

1- Goood EA, After purchase I was thinking to get My money back, But now - NO. It is working - Daily profit. My live account:


2- 11-Sep 2015 - I did Mistake - The EA Creator adviced Me to go with only EURUSD, I went with 9 others - Bad results - I will take the advice & stay in EURUSD only.

3- 16-Sep 2015 - Need time to said it is good !!! Need Time. There is some loss more than profit

4- 2 - Oct 2015 - This EA can do huge profit, I asked the AUTHOR some information & We will find the best setting to confirm it will do HI profit, I'm sure this EA do profit as I tested today - with (NOT ECN) and Over 25 spread !!! So it is just need setting & I think this EA the best on on MQL - It is secure & safe. !!! It will be realy 5 starts - I will confirm next week if AUTHOR helped Me in setting.

5- 27-Oct 2015 - Please Update input parameters for the new updated 22 Oct. 2015 - I paid 1500 USD to have a product and details.

What time frame (The best one)?

what is revers ?

Version 1.3 2015.10.22
Changed entry signals and position processing algorithm.
Version 1.2 2015.09.15
Version 1.2
Changed the EA operation algorithm:

- increased market entry signal processing speed
- accelerated pending order modification
- changed the trailing operation algorithm

The default settings are meant for EURUSD М5, 5-digit quotes, without stop placement limitations and a spread less than 16 points.
Version 1.1 2015.08.14
Version 1.1. The EA's algorithm is changed and parameter values are optimized (EUR/USD, TF M5)

Added new parameters:

BarTF - filtering bar period
VoL - volume filter
Use_All_Signals - enable trading by all signals not waiting for closure of current trades.
Use_CloseTime - enable limitation of trade existence (in minutes)
CloseTimeMin - time of trade existence (in minutes).