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Thank you for taking a minute to read about my ROBOSHARK!

Very important: Don't put all your capital. Putting 100% of the amount you cannot afford to lose.

Who I am?

Hello! I'm Oscar, a C# developer with 12 years of experience developing IT systems.

I started studying FOREX 2 years ago because I thought it was fun to earn cash using your own cash, analyzing charts and stuff.

Bill Gates says he chooses the lazy workers because they find the easiest way to do the job.

That's the kind of worker I am!

What is RoboShark?

An EA that was designed to open very few positions through the month, using M1 charts to thoroughly find the best entry point.
BUT It can FAIL that's why you should never risk what you can't afford to lose using ROBOSHARK.

How to know if RoboShark is for me?

If have money you can afford to lose, and you want to gradually increase it with a robot that is actually working on backtesting.

In what currency pairs does it work?

All currency pairs. Please also note that RoboShark will only trade on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

In what chart does it work?

Only on M1 chart. BUT very few positions could be opened in a month, sometimes not even one.

Also, once they are opened, they could last for days open, depending in how much PIPS you target.

That is why when you do backtest, if you don't get any result on a currency pair, you should try on different one.

How much will I need to invest and what will be the profit?

For this I would recommend you to do backtesting, because it depends on the market situation.

RoboShark will automatically calculate the lots based on your account balance.

You can adjust the parameters profit_in_pips, safety_factor, and you also have even_more_safe to modify for a higher risk/reward ratio.

How often will positions be opened and how long will they last? It works on M1 chart, there should be many positions shouldn't there?

Nope, very few positions will be opened through the month, sometimes not even one, because of the way RoboShark was designed.

Once a position is opened, it could take from minutes to days to close, read again who is RoboShark above for further information.

I also recommend you to not close positions manually, you should let RoboShark work as expected, it has no feelings, not even if you are already loosing "too much", remember you put what you could afford to loose.

(If you want RoboShack to open more positions you can try setting the input "even_more_safe" as false)

If it is so good why do you sell it?

  1. I don't have much capital at this time.
  2. Selling and renting this EA will allow me to make the capital I need to use ROBOSHARK on my own.
  3. If there are losses, the community will be able to give me feedback and I will keep improving ROBOSHARK


There are only 4 parameters and they are already optimized by hand very thoroughly to work out the best for you.
But if you want to modify them to adapt or tweak them for different results:

  1. profit_in_pips: How many PIPS to win before closing a position.
    Very important: This input could make the difference between a soft winning streak and a HARD loosing streak.
  2. safety_factor: A numerical value between 1 and 10, where 1 is safe and 10 is the safest.
  3. even_more_safe: By default this is set to true. If you want RoboShark to open positions more frequently try setting this to false for more risk/reward ratio.
  4. magicNumber: If you plan on running RoboShark on different currencies at the same time, set this number unique across the charts you run the robot in.

What's next once I buy RoboShark?

These are not step rules, but my own recommendation:

  1. Backtest with the real balance you are going to use.
  2. Backtest using periods of at least 1 month on M1 chart on any currency, find what is the best currency pair at the moment!
  3. Play with the balance and/or inputs if you are not comfortable with the results already optimized.

You also:

  1. Receive my commitment and support, I will be available by email and get back to you in no more than 10 hours (If you have Whatsapp it's faster).
  2. Become part of the RoboShark club. This is a community I'm planning to form, to discuss about the results and how we can improve RoboShark.
  3. The community does the discussion and I code.
  4. Receive free updates. RoboShark will keep being updated directly by me based on the community's feedback.
contrax 2015.07.16 03:57 

Very Good EA, already put in on Live and its profiting... only 0.01 lotsize, im going to wait this month end (july) for start investing more money and incrase lotsize. Thank you Oscar for ur personal Support. I recommend him. A nice guy.

Version 3.0 2015.07.15
- Improved the entry point
- Edited default input configurations for better usage out of the box
Version 2.0 2015.07.14
- Improved the formula to calculate the entry point.
- Added a second strategy based on market inefficiency.
- Inputs were completely reviewed and improved.
- Removed automatic calculation of LOTS.
Instead, you now need to set a risk number.
With all the inputs as default with risk of 1.0,
you need 390 USD balance to use roboShark...
- You can now set the DAYS you want RoboShark to trade in.
- RoboShark will now BE PUT ON HOLD if there are orders or pending orders opened by a chart different that his own (Magic Numbers), this will help if you want to run RoboShark in different symbols at the same time.