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Inrex Indicator


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Instruction : Here

Inrex Indicator is our first Indicator which calculated by many unique data , as Inrex EA do not believe all the common indicators like RSI MACD . Those are replant indicator may cause a misconception to traders . 

it helps all Manual Traders and EA Traders about daily Range and which pairs to trade with all the Ea in the industry .

For EA Traders 

  • Multi-Currency Dashboard shows what type of EA should use on those pairs. No matter which EA you are using , You also know which pairs should be put on by your EA . Or Only choose one direction to trade with your EA . 
  • Also can match with my EA product to control which direction to trade -- > https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/64763

For Manual Traders 

Indicaotor should a Daily Range predicted . So Users will be alerted when the price reaches the sensitive zone (Upper or Bottom) , So users can make a decisions to manage your account . 

  • 1. Price reaches or get close to upper sensitive zone - Consider to open with sell orders and set a stoploss user can be endure . 
  • 2. Price reaches or get close to bottom sensitive zone - Consider to open with buy orders and set a stoploss user can be endure . 
  • 3. Users could use their only trading skills when the price between the range , so when price when sensitive zone , indicator will alert your / push notifications to your mobile . So make decisions . (As many manual traders do not set a stoploss or tp to hide // Like my StoneBreaker EA all hidden TP or SL )

Attention : 

  • Users should put on Live Servers to get a correct data (Since Wrong Trading operation , Lack of Bars , Account Information are given by Demo Servers)
  • ECN accounts with Swap are preferred  

Parameters :

  • For the best using experience , Users almost no need to set parameters , but suffix and prefix can be set if need by a special symbols from brokers 

리뷰 16
Juan Feliciano
Juan Feliciano 2022.05.29 00:20 

Great indicator. Very accurate

Vu Quoc Balogh
Vu Quoc Balogh 2022.05.05 08:09 

Hi developer. Thanks for the amazing indicator. With the MT4 phasing out, will you make this indicator for mt5 soon? thanks

Harold Buggy
Harold Buggy 2022.03.19 17:46 

Very good for daily scalp.

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PipMaster is built using a powerful trend + momentum following algorithm. Made after years of testing and with market noise filtering built-in.  Aggressive traders can enter a trade as soon as an arrow appear. Conservative traders should wait for a visual alert after a closed candle bar. This indicator is a great tool to be used with your most trusted trend/momentum trading strategy and with solid money management rules. Key Benefits: -Super easy to use by following color coded arrow pointing
49 USD
Nadiya Mirosh
The Before indicator predicts the most likely short-term price movement based on complex mathematical calculations. Most of the standard indicators commonly used in trading strategies are based on fairly simple calculations. This does not mean that there were no outstanding mathematicians in the world at the time of their creation. It is just that computers did not yet exist in those days, or their power was not enough for the sequential implementation of complex mathematical operations. Nowa
77 USD
Trend Direction ADX indicator for MT4
Renaud Herve Francois Candel
Trend Direction ADX indicator Trend Direction ADX is part of a serie of indicators used to characterize market conditions. Almost any strategy only work under certain market conditions. Therefore it is important to be able to characterize market conditions at any time: trend direction, trend strength, volatility, etc.. Trend Direction ADX is an indicator to be used to characterize trend direction: trending up trending down ranging Trend Direction ADX is based on ADX standard indicator. T
87 USD
Christian Weilinger
4 (1)
TradingDesk – Performance Analyse MT4 To test the indicator download free Demo version here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/40471 TradingDesk analysed MetaTrader 4 historical data by Symbol, Magic Number, Trade or Comment. All these evaluations will be displayed in real time on your MetaTrader 4 chart window. All this information will be displayed in the following dashboards: account info General information about the account is displayed in the account info dashboard. performance
79 USD
Good Filtr
Artem Kuzmin
This is an indicator for additional signal filtering. It can be used as an additional filter in a trading system. The indicator does not redraw its data and can be used both in forex trading and with binary options. It has 3 operation modes and flexible sensitivity settings. The indicator uses multiple buffers, therefore it can be easily used in various Expert Advisors.
30 USD
Introduction to Smart Renko The main characteristics of Renko Charting concern price movement. To give you some idea on its working principle, Renko chart is constructed by placing a brick over or below when the price make the movement beyond a predefined range, called brick height. Therefore, naturally one can see clear price movement with less noise than other charting type. Renko charting can provide much clearer trend direction and it helps to identify important support and resistance level
80 USD
"Bitcoin indicator" is a ready-made mechanical trading system for Bitcoin. The system is implemented as an indicator that shows the trader on the chart the price reversal points and the current trend direction. This information is enough to effectively trade in the market. The "Bitcoin indicator" consists of a complex analytical block that constantly analyzes the market and shows the trader where the trend is heading. The indicator also shows with dots on the chart, the price reversal points. S
247 USD
Power Renko MT4
Pierce Vallieres
Power Renko is an indicator which plots Renko bricks underneath the chart using a histogram. You can select the brick size and the timeframe of the Renko bricks as well as whether or not to use the close price or the high/low price of the candles. Renko bricks are based on price alone, not time, therefor the Renko bricks will not be aligned with the chart's time. They are extremely useful for trend trading and many different strategies can be formed from them. Buffers are provided allowing you t
30 USD
Teknolojide ki yüksek gelişim, üretim, e ticaret, lojistik vb tüm sektörlerde kullanıma başlandığı gibi artık finansal piyasalarda da “ yapay zeka ve algoritma” kullanılmaya başlandı. Smart Algoritma indikatörü; kaynak kodu içinde yer alan algoritma ve yapay zekası ile hiçbir analize ihtiyaç duyulmadan gün içi bütün forex enstrümanları için size buy ve sell sinyalleri yanında hedef kanal (gün içi en yüksek ve en düşük seviyeler) verir. İndikatör texti aşağıda ki bölümlerden oluşur ve herkesin a
90 USD
Heiken Ashi EA MT4
Juvenille Emperor Limited
5 (6)
Heiken Ashi EA ΜΤ4 는 완전히 새로운 접근 방식으로 Classic 또는 Smoothed Heiken Ashi 양초를 거래하기 위한 완전히 자동화된 전문가 고문입니다. Heiken Ashi EA MT4 는 첫 번째 다른 색상 양초가 마감된 후 단일 거래를 시작하고 모든 Heiken Ashi 색상 변경에 대해 반대 거래를 엽니다. Heiken Ashi 양초의 색상이 변경되지 않는 한 다른 색상의 첫 번째 Heiken Ashi 양초가 닫힌 후 첫 번째 거래를 열고 모든 양초에 대해 새로운 동일한 방향 거래를 열어 이 EA를 사용하는 옵션이 있습니다. 일련의 고유한 설정으로 인해 이 EA는 매우 다재다능합니다. 예를 들어 너무 많은 유사한 수준의 거래를 피하기 위해 동일한 방향 주문 사이의 거리를 제한하는 옵션이나 EA가 각 새 양초에 대해 더 나은 가격을 기다리게 하는 오프셋 설정이 있습니다. . 동시에 모든 열린 포지션을 합친 것에 대해 바구니 수준에서 거래 계정의 이익
80 USD
Ultimate Renko
Artur Zas
4.55 (11)
Ultimate Renko is a full implementation of a robust Renko style charting solution for MT4. It enables creating custom live charts resembling Median Renko , Mean Renko , Turbo Renko , and Better Renko candles as well as Vanilla Renko and Renko with wicks , PointO charts, and many more. This all-in-one package provides all of the signals needed by day traders, scalpers, and even long-term traders. You can apply all of the standard and custom indicators and technical studies as well as templates to
45 USD
RSI TrendLine Divergency Message is an indicator for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Unlike the original indicator, this three in one version has a system of alerts that inform on market situation changes. It consists of the following signals: when the Main line crosses the levels of extreme zones and 50% level; when the Main line crosses the Trend line in the indicator window; divergence on the last bar. Parameters of levels of extremum, 50-level and divergence are adjustable. Parameters L
30 USD
Timing indicator
Somaia Elsayed Ibrahim Elkady
Timing is a mt4 (MetaTrader 4) indicator and it can be used with any forex trading systems / strategies for additional confirmation of trading entries or exits. The MBFX Timing indicator is a part of the well-known forex “MOSTAFA BELKHAYATE” system. In fact, MBFX Timing indicator could be compared to a classic stochastic oscillator. It works on a similar principle. How to trade with the MBFX Timing Indicator? Look for BUY opportunities when: MBFX Timing indicator reaches the oversold zone (low
50 USD
The indicator shows entry points with Risk-Reward-Ratio 1 to 5. Main timeframe H1. Works on every pair. The main logic - is to find a reversal level, and then track the price reaction to this level. Doesn't need any settings. As a standard, it paint 5 levels of the same take-profit (red / blue for sellers and buys) and 1 stop-loss level - orange. ATTENTION! The full version of indicator. You can t est full work of indicator free only on the USDCAD pair here  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/produ
99 USD
Pluuto Alert
Mati Maello
1 (1)
This indicator Pluuto Alert indicator.Indicator displays trend movement. Indicator calculates automatically line.Alert = arrow.When the alert is up the next alert is down,when the alert is down the next alert is up (new bar). Features FiltPer - displays indicator period.Line1. FiltPer2 - displays indicator period.Line2. Multiplier - displays indicator multiplier.(FlitPer,Line1;step) Deviation1 - displays indicator deviation.(Line2) Deviation2 - displays indicator deviation.(Arrow) Trend - displ
95 USD
Find and fill Gaps
Leandro Oliveira
This indicator shows the gaps on the current chart with a rectangle shape and indicates when the gap is filled by closing the shape. Gaps are considered over the shadows. Allows sending alerts by e-mail or push notifications when a gap is found. Parameters SizeGAP - Size of the gap that you want to indicate; HGcolor1 - Color of the gap in an upward movement; HGcolor2 - Color of the gap in a downward movement; HGstyle - The style of rectangle to be drawn; StartCalculationFromBar - How many cand
120 USD
Hello all The expert works on the Renko chart Bars Range 10  Watching the  video explains how Renko works With expert work. Work like expert image settings as shown in the image First, the Renko chart generation expert only works with the market Wait for the market to work and try like explaining the video Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want to use manual lot size. Max_Risk: Max Risk
1 000 USD
Trade Direction
Gevorg Hakobyan
5 (1)
The oscillator shows trend direction using its own algorithm, which is based on calculating price values ​​by analyzing prices of separate currencies (original valuation of currencies). The histogram shows the average value of physical price change over the selected period. When the histogram has a positive value, the trend is rising, if negative - the trend id falling. The indicator uses standard RSI to determine the current market direction on a selected period as follows: the default value of
44 USD
The indicator calculates and summarizes data from 25 standard indicators. What standard indicators to use, the trader chooses himself. As a result of the calculation, we obtain the current signal level. Positive values of the signal indicate a possible purchase, negative values indicate a sale.  The indicator implements a testing system that can be tested by downloading the demo version. And the main user chooses the indicators necessary for him and indicates the parameters of these indicator
50 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
Prophet is a trend indicator. Shows the direction of turning points. Can be used with an optimal risk-to-profit ratio. The arrows indicate favorable moments and directions for entering the market. Uses one parameter for setting (adjust from 1 to 3). The probability of a successful trend is very high. In the course of work, the take-profit is much larger than the stop-loss! Works on all currency pairs and on all timeframes.
87 USD
Fourteen plus nine TD Sequential
Fourteen plus nine What is it for? Applying Tom DeMark’s TD Sequential serves the purpose of identifying a price point where an uptrend or a downtrend exhausts itself and reverses. . What are the main components of TD Sequential? TD Sequential has two parts – TD Setup and TD Countdown. The first phase of TD Sequential starts with a TD Setup and is completed with a 9 count. When the 9 count is completed, it is at that point, a price pause, price pullback, or reversal is likely. It is also at tha
250 USD
Non-Repainting & Trend Following Indicator   A simple tool for all traders.  Paul Indicator detects trend, eliminates noise and show Buy and Sell level in the screen window. This Buy Sell Indicator is is very simple and useful. This Indicator will not produce Buy and Sell Signal alternatively ignoring trend but It follows trend and produce good Signal only. For Details Information, go through this article:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734212 Advantages Non-Repainting & Trend Followin
300 USD
Kalman Retracement Indicator
Miguel Angel Marina Garduno
5 (2)
NOTE!: The trend vote and the buy sell option shall match to the same direction before you put a trade!! Indicator that uses Kalman filters (same as used on autonomous vehicles for data fusion between different sensors / technologies such as RADAR, LIDAR and Camera with Artificial Intelligence for object detection) by using the high and low price in order to identify buy and sell signals as indicated on the graph. This indicator can be used on any timeframe with any currency or symbol. Thi
Infinity Trend Pro
Yaroslav Varankin
1 (1)
This is a trend indicator without redrawing Developed instead of the binary options strategy (by the color of the Martingale candlestick) Also works well in forex trading When to open trades (binary options) A signal will appear in the place with a candle signaling the current candle It is recommended to open a deal for one candle of the current timeframe M1 and M5 When a blue dot appears, open a deal up When a red dot appears, open a trade down. How to open trades on Forex. When a signal is rec
1 000 USD
ADM Multiframe
Dmitriy Susloparov
ADM Oscillator Multiframe Unlike the classic indicator " Average Direction Movement index ", this indicator shows directly the difference between the +DI and -DI values. When +DI is greater than -DI results above zero and vice versa. This is more visual and, in addition, allows you to clearly see the interaction of indicator readings for different timeframes. It also uses a proprietary technology that allows you to see different timeframes simultaneously on a single time scale. For example, f
35 USD
Yvan Musatov
Towers - Trend indicator, shows signals, can be used with optimal risk ratio. It uses reliable algorithms in its calculations. Shows favorable moments for entering the market with arrows, that is, using the indicator is quite simple. It combines several filters to display market entry arrows on the chart. Given this circumstance, a speculator can study the history of the instrument's signals and evaluate its effectiveness. As you can see, trading with such an indicator is easy. I waited for an a
777 USD
Renko Bars 3in1
Yuriy Shatsckiy
5 (2)
The Renko_Bars_3in1 is designed for plotting 3 types of Offline Renko charts. Standard Renko Bar (the reversal bar is twice the size of the bar). Renko Range Bar (the size of all bars is the same). Renko Bars with the ability to adjust the size of the reversal bar. Attention : The demo version for review and testing can be downloaded here . Note . A chart with the M1 period is necessary to build an offline chart. When the indicator is attached to a chart, the offline chart is opened automaticall
37 USD
Andrey Kozak
Skalpex is a system indicator for wave diagnostic analysis of the early phases of a market condition. The indicator lags exactly 1 bar. It shows the exact price reversals, does not redraw its values, but is 1 bar late. This is due to the fact that the last (zero bar) has not yet been formed before closing, which means that no one ever knows where it will go exactly and where it will close. We can assume. In order not to try to play fortune-telling, the Skalpex indicator is late by one candle an
147 USD
Ivan Simonika
Determining the market trend is an important task for traders. The Inside indicator implements an improved algorithm for visualizing the market trend. The main purpose of the indicator is to evaluate the market on small timeframes (i.e. M1, M5 and M15) for scalping. If you are a scalper looking for a reliable indicator to improve the quality of your trading, Inside is what you need. The indicator works in a separate window, showing red and green bars on the histogram. Two consecutive green (red
140 USD
Nor El Isslem Rettab
The AutoTarget Indicator For MT4 is an indicator that is built for the traders that work with the Meta Trader 4 charting platform during their trading day and it is built for a singular reason which is to help the Trader using it to predict the next price target on the current timeframe or currency pair that the trader attaches it to. It works across all currency pairs and trading platforms and can help a seasoned trader by reducing the amount of technical analysis he or she has to do every day
49.99 USD
이 제품의 구매자들이 또한 구매함
Cycle Sniper
Elmira Memish
4.55 (22)
Cycle Sniper  Simplified MT5 Version :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/76505 Update June 26th,2022 : Expert Advisor is ready. Please contact for the details. Videos, settings  and descriptions can be found   here  . Please watch the videos carefully before purchasing! Please check sample trades and strategies on the comments section This indicator does not send any signal without a reason...You can observe and analyze the indicator and the signals it sends Cycle Sniper is not a holy gra
499 USD
PZ Mean Reversion MT4
1 (1)
평균 회귀 거래에 대한 전문적이고 정량적인 접근 방식을 구현하는 고유한 지표입니다. 이는 가격이 예측 가능하고 측정 가능한 방식으로 평균으로 전환되고 반환된다는 사실을 이용하여 비정량적 거래 전략을 훨씬 능가하는 명확한 진입 및 퇴장 규칙을 허용합니다. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] 명확한 거래 신호 놀랍도록 쉬운 거래 사용자 정의 가능한 색상 및 크기 성능 통계 구현 대부분의 거래 전략을 능가합니다. 적절한 SL 및 TP 레벨을 표시합니다. 이메일/음향/시각 알림을 구현합니다. 작동 원리 이 지표는 더 높은 기간에서 완전히 사용자 정의 가능한 이동 평균 주변의 표준 편차를 측정하고 추세 추종 접근 방식을 사용하여 정확하게 거래를 찾습니다. 거래는 현재 차트의 가격 동작을 살펴보고 선택한 더 높은 기간에서 계산된 평균 가격대로 가격이 돌아오면 닫힙니다. 코딩 방식 때문
299 USD
Introduction to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner X3 Cherart Pattern Scanner is the non-repainting and non-lagging indicator detecting X3 chart patterns including Harmonic pattern, Elliott Wave pattern, X3 patterns, and Japanese Candlestick patterns. Historical patterns match with signal patterns. Hence, you can readily develop the solid trading strategy in your chart. More importantly, this superb pattern scanner can detect the optimal pattern of its kind. In addition, you can switch on and off individu
280 USD
The Nihilist 5.0 Indicator includes Forexalien and Nihilist Easy Trend trading strategies and systems. It is composed of an MTF Dashboard where you can analyze the different input possibilities of each strategy at a glance. It has an alert system with different types of configurable filters. You can also configure which TF you want to be notified on your Metatrader 4 platform and Mobile application The indicator has the option to view how could be a TP and SL by using ATR or fixed points, even
299 USD
PZ Harmonacci Patterns
3 (5)
This is arguably the most complete harmonic price formation auto-recognition indicator you can find for the MetaTrader Platform. It detects 19 different patterns, takes fibonacci projections as seriously as you do, displays the Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ) and finds suitable stop-loss and take-profit levels. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] It detects 19 different harmonic price formations It plots primary, derived and complementary Fibonacci pro
299 USD
This indicator uses support and resistance, volume and some special formula to calculate the volume to filter the candles. If the volume reaches a specific value, And at the same time, Candle breaks the support/resistance line, There would be a signal and we can enter the market. Signals appear when the current candle closes. then you can enter the trade when a new candle appears. Please don't forget to follow your money management plan. MT5 Version Support/Resistance Breakout MT5 :   https:
299 USD
Gartley Projection D
Oleksandr Medviediev
4.17 (6)
The indicator identifies the harmonic patterns (XABCD) according to developments of H.M.Gartley ( "Profits in the Stock Market" , 1935г). It projects D-point as a point in the perspective projection (specify ProjectionD_Mode = true in the settings). Does not redraw. When a bar of the working timeframe closes, if the identified pattern point has not moved during Patterns_Fractal_Bars bars, an arrow appears on the chart (in the direction of the expected price movement). From this moment on, the ar
300 USD
A. What is A2SR ? -- Full guidance : -- at   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734748/page4#comment_16532516 -- and  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/yohana/blog A2SR has a special technique in determining the levels of Support ( demand ) and Resistance ( supply ) . Unlike the ordinary way that we seen on the net, A2SR has a original concept in determining actual SR levels. The original technique was not taken from the internet, and it has never been published on the internet either. A2SR will
276 USD
PZ Trend Trading
4.67 (3)
Trend Trading is an indicator designed to profit as much as possible from trends taking place in the market, by timing pullbacks and breakouts. It finds trading opportunities by analyzing what the price is doing during established trends. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Trade financial markets with confidence and efficiency Profit from established trends without getting whipsawed Recognize profitable pullbacks, breakouts and early reversals The ind
299 USD
Order Block Indicator MT4
Diego Arribas Lopez
5 (2)
[ MT5 Version ] Order Block Indicator MT4 Order Block Indicator MT4  is currently the most accurate and customizable indicator in the market. It has been developed to facilitate the analysis of operations based on Order Blocks and Supply and Demand Zones. These zones are possible reversal points of a movement. Order Blocks indicate a possible accumulation of orders in one area. The price usually gets to reach and react strongly to those areas. The most relevant levels for this reaction are the c
450 USD
Sniper Strategy
Mamoun M N Owda
스나이퍼 전략은 모든 쌍과 모든 시간 프레임에 대한 최고의 진입점을 제공하고 항상 가격 조치를 기반으로 추세 방향으로 이동하도록 생성되었습니다. 전략을 마스터하면 여러 항목으로 추세의 시작을 보여주기 때문에 최대 이익으로 거래를 열고 닫을 때를 알 수 있으므로 시작 부분의 항목을 놓치면 거래에 대한 자신감을 갖게됩니다. 추세 스나이퍼 전략은 추세 방향과 함께 최고의 진입점으로 더 많은 기회를 제공하지만, 가격 모멘텀 움직임은 더 많은 이익으로 더 강해질 것이기 때문에 추세의 시작 부분에 있어야 하는 항상 최선의 진입점을 취해야 합니다. 왜 스나이퍼 전략인가?  그것은 모든 시간 프레임 및 쌍에 적용 가능합니다. (높은 시간 프레임은 더 높은 수익을 의미합니다)  당신은 좋아하는 쌍에 대한 어떤 거래도 놓치지 않을 것입니다.  거래하는 동안 더 편안하고 자신감을 가질 수 있습니다.  차트 앞에서 더 많은 시간을 보내고 싶지 않다면 스나이퍼 전략 호출을 기다리기만 하면 됩니
2 500 USD
Forex Signal Generator is a cutting edge technology for Trend Trading, and filtering all inbuilt in one tool. The Signal Generator  analysis the market like a Pro  by using its smart algorithms to detect  the trend, filter out market noise  and display on  your chart with the : ENTRY, STOPLOSS AND TARGET PROFIT Advantages You Get     Access to the proven reliable trend indicator based     Easy and  effective trend detection.     Gives you the ability to filter  out  'NOISE' from the ma
5 000 USD
Sahil Shokeen
#2 indicator UltimaXP. The recommended time frame is М1 and the expiration time is 1,2,3,4,5 minutes. Arrows are not re-painted Trade sessions: US section Currency pairs: Any Working time frame: M1 Expiration time: 1,2,3,4,5 (depend on pair-contact for get detail advise) With auto trading with Bot, buffer 1: put, buffer 0 : call  ; NEXTBAR The indicator shows good results with high win rate in both real trading and 20 years backtesting.  For any query feel free to contact me, I will reply ASAP.
700 USD
Precautions for subscribing to indicator This indicator only supports the computer version of MT4 Does not support MT5, mobile phones, tablets The indicator only shows the day's entry arrow The previous history arrow will not be displayed (Live broadcast is for demonstration) The indicator is a trading aid Is not a EA automatic trading No copy trading function The indicator only indicates the entry position No exit (target profit)  The entry stop loss point is set at 30-50 PIPS Or the front
1 800 USD
Target Striking
Dmitriy Kashevich
Target Striking - One of the best binary options trading tools! It is set up so powerfully that you can trade not only on currency pairs, but also on raw gold oil! You can also try on cryptocurrency! Ideal for trading on currency pairs, the percentage of reliable transactions is more than + 75% The trading tool is already set for the best profit! Only Target Striking can unlock the potential of the trading market for you! With it, the signals are even and accurate without redrawing,
1 650 USD
Weis Wave with Alert
Panagiotis Diamantopoulos
4.76 (17)
** NEW PLUTUS SIGNALS and ALL IN ONE ** Plutus Long and Short trading signals added (for more info visit  http://www.tradethevolumewaves.com  ) Different Wave Types, choose what your cumulative Histogram diplays: Volume, Pips, Progressive Volume Rate, Time or Emphasized Volume Waves  **IF YOU PURCHASE DO NOT FORGET TO CONTACT ME BECAUSE THERE IS MORE: Two Hrs Webinar + Training Room + Trade with the SI Traders, all free for now.  Free, two hour, one to one webinar covering setup , methodolo
499 USD
Buy and sell arrows on the chart when the trend is about to continue. Aslo Sends Alerts – On MT4 To Your Phone To Your Email. Does not repaint. Works on any pair, any timeframe.   (Just ajust the settings for your pair and timeframe.) 10 Activations allowed so you are free from limitations See an example of alerts from today (23 May 2020) using this and 2 other indicators  here . MT5 version here . What is Trend Continuation and why is it important to you? As you know, a tr
270 USD
NO REPAINT ADVANCED CHART PATTERN INDICATOR By definition, a price ( chart)  pattern is a recognizable configuration of price movement that is identified using a series of  trendlines  and/or curves. When a price pattern signals a change in trend direction, it is known as a reversal pattern; a continuation pattern occurs when the trend continues in its existing direction following a brief pause. Advanced Chart Pattern Tracker is designed to find the MOST ACCURATE patterns. A special script is ad
350 USD
CyberZingFx Trend Reversal
Afsal Meerankutty
4.41 (17)
Indicator captures the trend reversals with no-repaint Buy and Sell Arrow signals. Good at catching  Swing Highs  and  Swing Lows . SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW SCREENSHOTS AND WATCH VIDEO ________________________________________________________________ Trading using CyberZingFx Trend Reversal is Simple You Buy when a Buy Arrow Appear and Sell when there is Sell Arrow. Put Stop Loss above Higher High for SELL Order and below Lower Low for BUY. Close order partially when an exit signal (dot) appear. The
999 USD
Developed methods for trading collected in one indicator. In the form of arrows, it defines entries in the direction of the trend. It has 2 types of arrows - trend and signal guides, informing about the potential movement in the direction of the trend. Works without redrawing, ready for use on all symbols/tools. The most suitable time frames to use are M15, M30, H1, H4. How to use The indicator finds the direction of the trend in the form of a signal arrow, a graphic rectangle stretches
280 USD
Clinton Keenan Obinna Butler
Overview: With so much noise and distraction in the markets I wanted to create clarity for traders to have a simple, efficient, and fun trading experience. This is why I created Pipsurfer. Pipsurfer is an trend following indicator that visually shows you important Institutional Smart Money levels in the market and helps you to trace Market Structure in the markets. Most traders find it difficult to visually see trading elements such as trend, structure and momentum which are key for understandin
487 USD
Binary Guru
Sahil Shokeen
1 (1)
바이너리 GURU는 오후 18:02(+3 GMT)에 바이너리 옵션 거래 및 일중 거래에 대해 75% 이상의 정확도를 가진 지표입니다. 표시기는 다시 그려지지 않으며 판독값을 변경하지 않습니다. Binary GURU는 가격이 반전될 위치를 결정하도록 설계되었습니다. 표시기는 추세 반전과 롤백을 모두 캡처하여 사용 효율성을 높일 수 있습니다. 지표를 사용하면 분석 가능성이 크게 확장되며 차트에서 수정 및 반전 위치를 명확하게 볼 수 있을 뿐만 아니라 추세의 일반적인 역학을 모니터링합니다. 화살표는 다시 칠하지 않고 새 촛불이 나타날 때만 나타납니다! 거래 세션: 17:55 - 18:15(+3 GMT - MT4/MT5 기본 시간대) 통화 쌍: 모두. 작업 기간: M1/M5; 만료 시간: 1분. 매개변수 버퍼 = 0 - 매수 // 1 - 매도 만료 = 1분 거래 규모 = 계정의 5%
400 USD
Buy And Sell Signal Arrows On The Chart When The Price Is About To Reverse. Also Sends Alerts – On MT4 To Your Phone To Your Email. Does not repaint. Works on any pair, any timeframe.   (Just ajust the settings for your pair and timeframe.) 10 Activations allowed so you are free from limitations MT5 version here .   What is Price Rejection and Reversal and why is it important to you? If price shows certain signs of rejection e.g. a large wick, this often means that it will then
270 USD
Highly recommended tool to complete the FTMO and My Forex Funds MFF challenge! The powerful of confluence trading methodology, trade manager & live execution orders It's a professional version of the previous product --- Conflux ( see how does it work ) more complete features with trade management to keep traders objective, safe, disciplined, profitably and consistently trading the market.  Confluxplus  can be controlled to your liking just by rocking the mouse  by held   Shift/Ctrl keyboar
299 USD
Wave Anatomy
Panagiotis Diamantopoulos
5 (1)
VIDEO and PICTURES show 3 waves indicator has been updated to 5 waves Visit: http://www.tradethevolumewaves.com   Manuals: https://www.tradethevolumewaves.com/manuals Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TradeTheVolumeWavesbyPDiamantopoulos Wave Anatomy Constructing you own 5 Waves has never been easier!!! This indicator is based on Wyckoff’s, David’s Weis and my Speed Index Theory. This indicator will you help analyze what is happening in 5 Price Waves that you can construct yoursel
300 USD
FxBears Powers
Rachid Lafhil
1 (1)
Please go to the comments to see daily signals charts from the indicator. And contact me on tel gram to show you how it work No more losses with this indicator, test it for years ago and see if there is losses in one day outcome.   FxBears Powers is working on all forex pairs, metals, commodities, futures, indices, energies, crypto, and everything...and on all timeframes from M1 to MN.   It's based on supply and demand zones and some internal indicators, it gives you a very strong entry point wi
319 USD
PZ Day Trading
3 (2)
This indicator detects price reversals in a zig-zag fashion, using only price action analysis and a donchian channel. It has been specifically designed for short-term trading, without repainting or backpainting at all. It is a fantastic tool for shrewd traders aiming to increase the timing of their operations. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Amazingly easy to trade It provides value on every timeframe It provides suitable SL and TP levels It impl
299 USD
Max Min Cycle
Vitalyi Belyh
Cyclical indicator for trading and predicting the direction of the market. Shows the cyclical behavior of the price in the form of an oscillator. Gives signals for opening deals when rebounding from the upper and lower boundaries of the oscillator. In the form of a histogram, it shows the smoothed strength of the trend. Will complement any trading strategy, from scalping to intraday. The indicator does not redraw. Suitable for use on all symbols/instruments. Suitable time frames for short-term
495 USD
WD Gann Reversal Method
Naveen Saroha
5 (1)
WD Gann Possible Reversal method Our Signals and targets based on Gann Time and Price Calculations to find out  possible Reversal Points. It will give you Right idea of possible turning points as well as sharp trend continuation till next turning points. An idea can change a trend or sharp continue trend within new time and price cycles  points(new signal) Non repainting Signals Note :- Strategy Tester not Showing perfect Results we are not able calculate time prices Turning point on tester.us
616 USD
Full Forex Market View Dashboard
Opengates Success International
5 (2)
FULL FOREX MARKET VIEW Dashboard Indicator This is a custom indicator created to give Traders a full view of what is going on in the market. It uses a real time data to access the market and display every bit of information needed to make successful trading. INSTALLATION : Before attaching this Indicator to your window chart, go to your MT4's Market Watch panel and HIDE all the Currency pairs you don't need or trade and leave the rest there. The reason is that FFMV Dashboard will DISPLAY ALL the
650 USD
제작자의 제품 더 보기
YOLO Gold go go
5 (3)
Paid Patreon daily analysis and discord channel  available   now .  All free channels check in my  profile here  .   Instruction : Here The best match with indicator :  Here Hello traders ,  This is JoanneYip and HusonChow from Hong Kong . We learnt building trading systems since 2016 and trade our own fund in the last 15 years . We have developed over hundred trading systems to manage our own fund and we invest part of the fund into testing new strategies as a laboratory before selling t
363 USD
I am Blue
Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience . Please always keep the newest version .  80% from database analysis , 20% use brokers data , always do not rely on brokers data all the time . Signals monitors   :    Here Paid Patreon daily analysis and discord channel  available  now . All free channels check in my  profile here  . Instruction/setup   :    Here Concept of IamBlue EA: IamBlue EA is a fully auto EA , no parameters need to
363 USD
YOLO Diamond hands
4.46 (37)
우리는 MQL 시장에서만 제품을 판매합니다. 더 저렴한 가격으로 재판매할 수 있는 곳을 본 적이 있다면  가짜 버전   그리고 성능이 실제가 아니라고 100% 확신합니다   . 또한 당사에서 지원하지 않습니다. 저희 게임에 참여하게 되어 감사드리며 가짜 버전 에 대해 위험을 감수하지 마십시오.  부스팅 성능 허용 , 지표 및 일일 분석의 무료 버전을 얻는 방법에 대해 구매 후 저에게 연락하십시오 . 모든 쌍으로 4.0 업그레이드하여 사용하기에도 좋습니다. 원하는 경우   수동 거래 기술   을 향상시키십시오. 결정이 너무 좋지 않은 경우 YOLO는 수동 거래를 훈련할 수 있는 좋은 도구입니다. 끔찍합니다. YOLO가 TP를 도와드리며 다음 결정을 시작할 수 있습니다.  무료 버전의 표시기를 구매한 후 저에게 알려주세요  지침: 여기 지표와 가장 잘 일치하는 항목:  여기 YOLO의 개념: 귀하의 결정이 구매 또는 판매 버튼을 클릭하여 YOLO에 코딩한 추세와 일치하는 경우 매
363 USD
5 (5)
Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience . Please always keep the newest version .  80% from database analysis , 20% use brokers data , always do not rely on brokers data all the time . Signals monitors   :    Here Paid Patreon daily analysis and discord channel  available  now . All free channels check in my  profile here  . Instruction/setup   :    Here Concept of Metaverse EA: Metavese EA is a fully auto EA , no parameters need
363 USD
4.5 (56)
필요한 지침 TripleH 가격 인상: 가격이 오를 것입니다. 이 가격의 마지막 2개 사본, 다음 가격은 2088입니다. 다시 3888로 목표를 설정하십시오. BackTest는 볼 수 없습니다. 모든 쌍이 서로 통신하는 전체 기능. 신호를 시청하십시오: SignalMinitor   Ea 스타일:  <울> 평가판은 제공하지 않습니다.  백테스트 결과를 신뢰하지 않습니다. 동일한 계정에서 하나의 EA만 사용하십시오. 다양한 브로커와 통화에 맞는 완전한 동적 전략을 만들기 위한 .set 파일 없음 항상 최신 버전으로 업그레이드 핑은 중요하지 않습니다. 사용 전 설정 문의 중개인이 다른 주문을 받은 이유는 무엇입니까? 정상입니다. 중개인 A가 EURUSD와 같은 더 많은 투자자 구매를 얻었지만 다른 중개인이 더 많이 판매하는 경우. 그런 다음 모든 사용자가 동시에 같은 쌍을 열지 못하도록 하는 논리에 영향을 줍니다. 물고기가 되든 말든 .  개념: TripleH의 개념
363 USD
Metaverse MT5
4 (2)
Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience . Please always keep the newest version .  80% from database analysis , 20% use brokers data , always do not rely on brokers data all the time . Signals monitors   :    Here Paid Patreon daily analysis and discord channel  available   now .  All free channels check in my  profile here  . Instruction/setup   :    Here Concept of Metaverse EA: Metavese EA is a fully auto EA , no parameters n
363 USD
Draw a bow
5 (3)
Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience .  Please always keep the newest version .   80% from database analysis , 20% use brokers data , always do not rely on brokers data all the time . News filter added into DB / Will investigate impact news data Paid Patreon daily analysis and discord channel  available   now .  All free channels check in my  profile here  . Signals monitors :  Here MT5 version : Here Important instruction: H
363 USD
TripleH MTFive
5 (1)
Paid Patreon daily analysis and discord channel  available   now .  All free channels check in my  profile here  . Instruction:Here Our Ea Style :  We do not offer any trial version  We do not trust any backtest result  Please only use one EA in the same account  No .set file to make a fully Dynamic strategy to fit different brokers and currency Upgrade to the newest version always  Ping is not important  Ask me for the setup before use Why different broker got different orders ? It's norma
363 USD
Draw a bow MT5
5 (1)
Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience . Please always keep the newest version . Last 2 copies for 599USD , next price will be 699USD 80% from database analysis , 20% use brokers data , always do not rely on brokers data all the time . New series of EA / Metaverse / Draw a bow - Trading Strategies - 28 February 2022 - Traders' Blogs (mql5.com) Paid Patreon daily analysis and discord channel  available   now .  All free channels ch
363 USD
Juan Feliciano
Juan Feliciano 2022.05.29 00:20 

Great indicator. Very accurate

개발자의 답변 Yip Sin Hang 2022.05.29 15:09
You are the best
Vu Quoc Balogh
Vu Quoc Balogh 2022.05.05 08:09 

Hi developer. Thanks for the amazing indicator. With the MT4 phasing out, will you make this indicator for mt5 soon? thanks

개발자의 답변 Yip Sin Hang 2022.05.29 15:09
Gonna move new office . So will have more time for mt5 version
Harold Buggy
Harold Buggy 2022.03.19 17:46 

Very good for daily scalp.

joelwin3r 2022.03.17 11:27 

so accurate!! i love this indicator, thank you Yip Sin Hang

개발자의 답변 Yip Sin Hang 2022.03.17 11:29
Only smart and advance traders knows it's power :)
Newbie will only ask how , how and how lol
HENG Glamourous
HENG Glamourous 2022.03.16 07:20 

This indicator is very easy to use, just buy when it touches lower boundary and sell when it reaches upper boundary, TP can be set at daily target or opposite sensitive zone, if you're not so sure, just put TP at middle line.

개발자의 답변 Yip Sin Hang 2022.03.17 11:29
Only smart and advance traders knows it's power :)
Newbie will only ask how , how and how lol
Felix Yuwono
Felix Yuwono 2022.03.06 04:05 

Good Indicator

개발자의 답변 Yip Sin Hang 2022.03.11 15:13
Only smart and advance traders knows it's power :)
Newbie will only ask how , how and how lol
Jmin119 2022.03.02 08:00 

The indicator does not provide The open and take Profit levels as previously .When taking a sell position via alerts the make decision message continues to urge the user to enter a sell or buy position even after user has entered position. He seller says that there is specific bars and chart information that is also taken into consideration for success of the indicator to function yet does not provide those settings. Please seller specify when entering a position were to enter via an arrow and a buy or sell signal indicator. I agree like previous user It is a great Product if we can only understand how to use it.A video of live examples on how you use it seller would be very helpful for us all. For users who have left positive comments can you please PM message me and explain to me how you got the indicator to function please

개발자의 답변 Yip Sin Hang 2022.03.02 08:04
I don’t think an arrow can help for trading . If you want please go freelance to give a job and make your own version. Thanks . Tunnel and sensitive zone and all gambling table is good enough for trades .
Trade2222 2022.02.28 15:14 

the first day, something difficult to understand.

I hope to have understood part of the action of the indicator.

the author has taken a lot of trouble to make it understandable.

even if you ask the same question 5 times to be on the safe side.

all thumbs up, let's see how it works in the long term.

in the Patreon group, stand one also all with advice and deed to the side

Jokoteng Endriyanto
Jokoteng Endriyanto 2022.02.24 13:24 

this indicator has a lot of bugs, bad indicators, I hope the bugs are fixed soon

개발자의 답변 Yip Sin Hang 2022.02.26 04:31
only bug on that display , actually the dashboard is useless now . just false the dashboard function and everything is fine . I use it everyday , no bugs .
John Pazhedath
John Pazhedath 2022.01.31 23:03 

Absolutely love this indicator!!!!

petcohlogin 2021.09.27 17:09 

This indicator does re-painting,

send me PM for screenshots.

The seller was banned from MQL5.

개발자의 답변 Yip Sin Hang 2021.09.29 13:42
Already reported this user and will be banned from my service forever , not going to explain too much on this kind of person . Who got banned now ? Obvious this user get paid by competitor to do this review delete . I accept bad review if something I still need to improve , but I do not accept spamming review .
Adeoluwa Adelugba
Adeoluwa Adelugba 2021.07.19 13:06 

Absolutely amazing indicator to help validate your analysis and entry confirmations. With little knowledge of the Fx market and trading, you can still be very profitable with this EA. This is an absolutely amazing product! Thanks Yip Sin Hang!

Calvinng325 2020.07.31 16:03 

사용자가 평가에 대한 코멘트를 남기지 않았습니다

William Ty
William Ty 2019.09.22 13:57 

Having used this indicator for more than 3 months, so far so good. Deserve for 5 starts!

Tyy96913 2019.08.05 04:43 

very good for day trading, easy to use. will rent again

hisunsun 2019.06.16 02:33 

Support on the new indicator as always work on update; no need to argue!

리뷰 답변
버전 3.8 2022.04.22
TimeFrame shows in the alert ...
버전 3.7 2022.04.19
Adjusted the daily % display
버전 3.6 2022.04.10
-adjusted again ....
버전 3.5 2022.04.10
버전 3.4 2022.04.10
버전 3.3 2022.04.10
-timer upgraded , display upgraded
버전 3.1 2022.03.02
-Alert higher level and lower level to give mobile alert as well .
버전 3.0 2022.02.25
- Fixed all display bugs .
- Added recent range in pips .
- Optional background color .
버전 2.0 2021.03.26
- Fully upgraded .
- add Daily Open level , Daily Open arrow arrow sign .
- Last trading high and low
- Bar countdown
-Daily MA labels .
버전 1.5 2020.10.11
- Would not objects deletes When changing timeframe , Try to match with DailyBreaker.
버전 1.4 2020.08.19
- Uploaded Daily MA
- Last daily High Low
버전 1.3 2019.09.20
added tunnel range for users .
버전 1.2 2019.09.01
Added Alert all pairs detection of suddenly big Move alert .
버전 1.1 2019.06.15
- UseAlert