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Analyze financial markets with MetaTrader 5

Forecast the market movement and make weighted trading decisions. The MetaTrader 5 for Android features cutting-edge tools for the on-the-go analysis of currency, stock, futures and CFD quotes!

  • 30 technical indicators

  • 24 analytical objects

  • The Crosshair mode with the data window

  • 9 timeframes — from M1 to MN

  • 3 types of charts — Bars, Candlesticks and Lines

  • Up to 2 open charts on smartphones and up to 6 charts on tablets

Interactive charts that can be displayed as a sequence of bars, Japanese candlesticks or broken lines visualize financial instrument price dynamics. Charts are provided with the zoom/scroll options and nine timeframes. Charts of lower timeframes display short-term price fluctuations, while higher timeframes show the general market trend.

Built-in technical indicators and analytical objects will help you forecast price changes. The mobile platform features 24 graphical objects and 30 most popular indicators, including trend and volume indicators, oscillators, and Bill Williams' indicators. You can apply the objects to a price chart, open them in a separate window, as well as combine various objects and indicators.

The MetaTrader 5 for Android has everything you need to make informed trading decisions. Install the app and join the millions of successful MetaTrader 5 traders!

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