Trade Forex, equities, CFDs, and futures in the MetaTrader 5 platform

Multi-market trading system — your solution for investment diversification

Forex, various exchanges, CFDs and Futures – all these markets are now covered with a single trading platform. This provides the ability to trade thousands of financial instruments with completely different profitability ratios and risk level. Such diversification capabilities allow you to set up your investment portfolio in the most efficient manner.

If you want to earn more, select high-yielding instruments, like Forex symbols. If you value reliability rather than profit, have a look at financial instruments on various exchanges. MetaTrader 5 has been certified on 9 marketplaces: CME, WSE, ASX, Borsa Istanbul, MOEX, DGCX, Bourse Africa, Bovespa, and PMEX.

Regardless of the marketplace you choose and instruments within your portfolio, you can always use a single platform – MetaTrader 5. The most advance trading technology is now conveniently available on one platform for various financial markets.

Your favorite technical indicators and trading robots, as well as services such as Signals, Market, Freelance, and Virtual Hosting can now be of use in all available financial marketplaces and with all trading instruments.

Trade and earn with MetaTrader 5 on CME, WSE, ASX, Borsa Istanbul, MOEX, DGCX, Bourse Africa, Bovespa, and PMEX

3000+ technical indicators to forecast quotes better

38 built-in indicators are only the beginning. Experienced traders need a variety of hundreds, even thousands of indicators in order to perform more insightful market analysis and examine the quotes of various financial instruments from various market perspectives. MetaTrader 5 provides such a huge variety!

Many successful traders choose MetaTrader 5 for its wide ranging dynamic analytical capabilities. They go through 3000 technical indicators to find the best ones day after day to be successful in trading. Such analytical diversity allows experienced traders to generate quality signals and offer them for copy trading in only a few clicks.

3000 indicators in the free CodeBase and the Market of trading applications are available for all traders with no exceptions, and this is only for starters. Experienced analysts and traders are constantly identifying new market trends and develop new analytical methods. They regularly publish their research results in the CodeBase and Market, which are available to everyone for download and use immediately.

Thus, your arsenal of the latest analytical tools is constantly reinforced and is available around the clock. No one has written articles and books about them yet, but they can already be beneficial for your trading here and now!

Analyze financial markets with 3000 MetaTrader 5 technical indicators

Algorithmic trading – let robots trade for you!

You can use MetaTrader 5 broad analytical and trading capabilities in automatic mode. Just let your trading robots (Expert Advisors) manage your account according to your own strategy and risk levels. Results from MetaTrader Automated Trading Championships indicate that trading with automated robots successfully is indeed possible.

Trading robots perform all analytical and trading functions and are capable of completely replacing humans in the market. Besides, they possess additional advantages: they do not suffer from fatigue and they have no emotions. A trading application's adherence to a strict trading algorithm and ability to perform enormous amount of calculations results in much more accurate forecasts.

The number of available Expert Advisors is really impressive — the CodeBase and Market contain about 1000 robots varying from relatively simple trend-following robots and different kinds of scalper apps, up to complex Expert Advisors based on neural networks and many others. The number of such robots is constantly increasing.

Many applications are free to download and ready for use in just a couple of clicks. However, the variety of the commercial products offering is very wide. It is possible to find a simple trading robot for 10 dollars, while more complex and efficient products cost more. Some of the applications can be rented. Their monthly cost is usually much lower compared to their potential profitability.

The algorithmic trading in MetaTrader 5 has been carefully planned and developed to provide you with a plethora of choice. According to your trading experience, you decide whether to use free robots or more complex commercial products.

Use trading robots in MetaTrader 5 — they trade and earn without your participation

Trading signals – for those who want to keep up with successful traders

Nowadays, traders can be successful regardless of their trading skills. In MetaTrader 5, experienced traders broadcast their trades online, and you can copy them automatically. Choose a trading signal, and its operations will be immediately copied on your account.

All signal providers are traders like you. They work on different markets, trade various financial instruments and apply numerous trading methods. The Signals' detailed reports allow you to evaluate their strategies before trying them in real trading.

Analyzing the provided data, you can examine what symbols the provider trades most often, what is your provider's return per capital, and what drawdowns he or she can withstand. Besides, you have access to dozens of parameters to measure the signal's profitability, risk level, and even popularity. With these data, you can compare different signals and choose the one that suits you best.

Trading signals make successful trading possible for both professionals and newcomers.

Subscribe to signals of successful traders and copy their deals automatically

Mobile trading – never miss a trading opportunity!

If you are far away from your PC, this does not mean you have to miss potential trading opportunities. In order to catch a favorable moment or avoid losses, you need to have a constant access to the market and financial news. Here is where MetaTrader 5 for iPhone/iPad and Android devices fills the gap!

Using your smartphone, you can connect to your trading account, check the price charts, read the news, and perform a trade among other tasks. The built-in technical indicators and analytical objects will help you to forecast quote movements on the go and make the right decision.

Trade Forex, equities, CFDs, and futures in the mobile MetaTrader 5 platform

Millions of traders prove with their daily activities that the full-fledged mobile trading platform and the ability to trade round the clock from anywhere in the world are no longer a dream but a reality — the kind of reality that allows you to make the right trading decisions and grants you the priceless feeling of full control over your trading account!

MetaTrader 5 is a state-of-the-art trading platform with a plethora of functions for every modern trader.

Does your broker offer MetaTrader 5? Be sure to ask!

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