Service desk error

Dear MQL5 support, Is there something wrong currently with the service desk ? I tried to send a message and got the same error each time (Error saving data). Thank you for your help. Best regards, FerruFx

Force ENDEDIT for an "OBJ_EDIT"

Dear All, Is there a way in the new MT4 to force ENDEDIT for an " OBJ_EDIT " without pressing the ENTER key and without external DLL intervention ? I mean with a specific chart event or any other way. Thank you for your help. Eric

Multi-Indic Watcher

Dear forum members, Because of your great interest since 1 year now in my Multi-Indic indicator, it's time to release a new version. It was a long hard work because of my other projects which make me really busy! Small reminder for those who missed the first version: the multi-indic indicator is a

MT4 screen capture

Here's a small tool I just coded for my personal use. I didn't reinvented the wheel. It may exist already in some other versions. It saves a screen shot of your current chart in the /experts/files/ folder every starting bar. Example on a 1hr chart, a pic will be saved every hour. Copy it in the

Clean chart set up

Hi all members, Here's a very simple setting which I want to share. Those who like clean charts would love it! Standard indicators used : - RSI (5): blue line - Stochastic (5,3,3): red line (only main line ) Entry Signals : when RSI line has a clear break and goes in the Stock direction. Filters