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Uran Deliana
Uran Deliana 2021.07.20 20:39  (modified 2021.07.22 09:26) 

Very good signal. Few trades that stay on the market for a few hours at most. Always hard stop loss. Very positive performance with low drowdown. Excellent communication with the provider. I will definitely renew my subscription.

Ant_X 2021.06.30 15:24  (modified 2021.07.11 15:37) 

Tried this signal to assess the system behind it.

1) Brilliant system design with very good risk balance. Surprised to see so good result from it. Usually systems with such controlled risks get less profit.

2) Some trades are copied exactly the same and some have slippage. For signal better use same broker (ICMarketsSC).

3) Expected to see signal service use pending orders but no. All pending orders of this signal copy with market orders. That is why better use the EA. There will be less slippage with it. Not a problem of signal author but it should be noted.

4) Only trading at night. It suits me: got to bed, got profit, got up and checked account. Not worried about trades and no temptation to close trades myself. System already closes trades optimally.


Compared my results with the author account for last weeks. Here is what I get:

- Average slippage on both entries and exits is 1 point (0,1 pip). Some slippage is positive but that is rare. All the EURCHF trades slippage was exactly zero - maybe just luck, or this pair is just more suited to copy

- That is about 10 % of the profit made by author (in pips)

- I also have a bit higher commission on my ICM account (probably because I use USD account instead of AUD: AUD have lower commission, smart tip I was told about it by the author and will use it)

- All in all I have about 15% less profit than signal author. So for every 100% he makes I made 85%. Can go up to 90% in case of copying to AUD account. I expected worse for night scalper. Maybe having take profit and stop loss copied helps to make it less. Will use the EA to have more profit