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KopirMT4 Free

KopirMT4 is a trade copier for MetaTrader 4 copying (synchronizing, duplicating) trades from any accounts.

KopirMT4 is an МТ4 trade copier already appreciated by many fund managers and traders. Please watch the reviews and comments to the product

Attention: The program only runs locally on PC or Windows VPS. This version does not work on MetaTrader 4 Virtual Hosting.

The program allows to evaluate the product features before buying the full versions. It only copies EURUSD.

Why choose our product?

  • The copier is fast and does not depend on the ticks. The speed of copying is less than 0.5 s.
  • Deals are copied with high accuracy. The scalping mode allows copying trades by the best price only.
  • It is possible to increase trade volumes
  • If there are connectivity issues or the terminal gets restarted KopirMT4 does not lose positions.
  • It does not overload the processor and is not heavy for a PC or VPS.
  • The number of terminals (server\client) is not limited.
  • It does not use any DLL and does not transmit data to the Internet.
  • It can work along with other Expert Advisors and scripts.
  • It works correctly with partial closing without losing spread when re-opening.
  • The copier is able to sort out copied trades by parameters (more details can be found in the manual).
  • The product supports "correct" reverse of trades considering spread and specified indent.
  • The copier can copy server trades when they are in profit or a predetermined loss.
  • It works correctly with cross rates, metals, CFDs, stocks, futures and prefixed symbols (automatic defining of prefixes).
  • The product distinguishes differences in the names of metals and supports copying to them (XAUUSD <-> GOLD, XAGUSD <-> SILVER and others, any schemes can be configured).
  • It can facilitate any copying scheme from one account or several accounts.
  • We provide free support and can configure turn-key setup.
  • We monitor and take into account our clients' feedback as we are eager to implement required functions and improve our product.

Basic setup of the copier

Master Setup (server)

  1. Install one instance of the purchased product on any chart. Use default settings.
  2. Allow the EA to trade using options and press on Auto Trading in the terminal.

Client-Side Setup

  1. Install one instance of the purchased product on any chart.
  2. Set the 'mode' parameter to Client
  3. Enter the server account number (if multiple servers are used, they can be separated by commas) in the server accounts field
  4. Set lot multiplier, default is 1
  5. Allow the EA to trade using options and press on Auto Trading in the terminal.

Basic settings

  • Mode – the Server mode – means the master account (provider of trades). Client – this mode is used for a receiver account. (client account)
  • Server accounts – a comma separated list of server accounts, from which trades are copied.
  • Mode delay – querying information about trades by timer or upon receiving a new tick.
  • Auto lot – automated lot calculation based on ration of client's and server balances taking into account deposit currencies and the leverage.
  • Lot multiplicator – lot multiplier. 1 = 100% of lot used on the server account.
  • Reverse mode – e.g. if Buy is opened on the server, Sell will be opened on the client account.
  • Filter slippage – accuracy of entries as spread ratio or in points.

The product has a lot of functions, the full list and description are available in the instruction to the product.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.12 16:03 

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Valeriy Belozertsev
Valeriy Belozertsev 2017.10.16 19:27 

<b>Market:</b> You have rented and successfully activated the product <a href="https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/24686" target="_blank">Ultimate Renko</a>, 4 of 5 activations left. (See <a href="https://www.mql5.com/en/market/rules" target="_blank">Rules</a>, IV.10 and IV.11)

Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.07.23 13:04 


Akhmet Archakov
Akhmet Archakov 2016.11.24 07:11 

Хорошо работает, свою функцию копирования выполняет. Правда бывают небольшие задержки, но если не скальпить, это не так важно.

Ovidiu Caslariu
Ovidiu Caslariu 2016.02.14 15:06 

Thanks for letting it be free!

Pieter Mergenthaler
Pieter Mergenthaler 2016.02.09 11:26 

Works great, thanks for sharing!

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2016.01.28 07:18 

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Alexey Zykov
Alexey Zykov 2015.12.16 08:50 

Отличная вещь! Большое спасибо!

mea_thome 2015.10.13 23:36 

A really nice and easy to handle tool, for copying trades ;-)

Thank you very much for this free version!!!

Version 4.57 2018.09.24
- исправлена ошибка с повторным открытием сделки
Version 4.56 2018.08.14
- исправлено лишнее дублирование сделок в режиме Duplication
Version 4.55 2018.07.27
- убраны из настроек не актуальные параметры, инструкция обновлена.
- удалены метки на графике о текущем режиме так как они дублируют сообщение в правом верхнем углу
- добавлен параметр Cross Table , формат ServerSymbol1=ClientSymbol1 можно указать несколько через запятую. Это дополнение к внешнему файлу кросс таблиц kopirmt4_cross.ini
- переименован параметр Dublicator в Duplication
- исправлен механизм таймера, введен резервный механизм на случай сбоя.
- параметр timeout задан по умолчанию 5 минут
- обновлен механизм работы с ордерами, чтобы ускорить с ними работу.
- бесплатная версия будет работать только по AUDUSD так как данная версия предназначена в первую очередь для знакомства с функционалом.
- добавлен трайлинг стоп по % профиту как суммарно по всем копируемым сделкам так и раздельно по каждому из копируемых счетов.
- исправлено закрытие всех сделок по просадке в валюте и %
- несколько мелких улучшений и исправление замеченных ошибок.
Version 4.51 2017.09.06
- improved occasional partial closing causing a trade to be closed entirely for no reason
Version 4.50 2017.08.28
- added the options to increase\decrease TP and SL
- added the options to enable copying TP and SL separately
Version 4.49 2017.08.16
- minor fixes for copying of pending orders
- fixed an error with canceling pending and limit order when filtering by comment
- added duplication mode
- disabled the check for the margin available for opening limit and pending orders before placing them on the client
- fixed the lot calculation with consideration of the account currency for ruble accounts
Version 4.45 2017.05.02
- fixed copying of pending orders
- Added the "Use leverage accounts" option, which allows ignoring the leverage ratio when the 'Auto lot = true' mode is enabled
Version 4.44 2017.04.26
- fixed the lot size rounding
Version 4.43 2017.04.19
- fixed the operation of the lot multiplier for a currency when Auto lot is enabled
- stop copying at the current drawdown, formula is ((Equity/Balance)-1)*100. If the drawdown is lower than or equal to specified, copying is disabled, it is possible to send notifications and force close the positions.
Version 4.42 2017.03.14
Version 4.40 2017.03.01
- Removed the possibility to manage the copier from other Expert Advisors (obsolete feature)
- Removed the possibility to manage another EA AutoTrade Manager (obsolete feature)
- Fixed display of operation mode taking into account current EA state
- Finalized the stop copying mechanism in case equity or margin levels drop; copying shall be resumed once the level is restored.
- Added new mode to stop copying when the margin level (%) drops
- Added sending of notifications by email or push when the margin/equity level drops, noe more than 1 message in 10 minutes
- Redesigned account currency conversion mode during copying, conversion is disabled by default.
- Improved auto comment, added ticket number
- "use currency auto koef" parameter renamed to "use currency accounts"
- New parameters: "alert mail use", "alert push use", "stopout margin level %"
- Added display of the number of positions opened on the server
- In the free version, only copying of EURUSD is available, other pairs are available in paid versions.
- Otstup parameter renamed to Points
Version 4.32 2016.12.13
- Word 'reverse' is removed from comments
- Fixed conversion with regard to the account currency. Currently supported account types include USD,EUR,RUB
- Fixed copying of XAUUSD
Version 4.31 2016.10.24
- fixed working with symbols table
- fixed the error with determining the minimum lot
- improved the analysis of partially closed trades
Version 4.30 2016.04.12
Version 4.21 2016.04.07
- fixed the detection of the minimal lot for futures and stocks
Version 4.20 2015.12.01
- Working with prefixes improved
- Scalping mode and indent mode revised, the logics of the entry point limit updated
- Added settings for configuring server requesting frequency
- A new mode allows to activate the server request by a timer or by arrival of ticks to reduce load
Version 4.13 2015.11.13
- A new function has been added allowing to disable SL and TP modifications when they are modified on the server
Version 4.12 2015.11.09
Fixed comment to orders.
Version 4.11 2015.11.06
- improved the timer reset
- added Saturday and Sunday to the time manager
- fixed user comments
Version 4.10 2015.10.26
Attention: the version is incompatible with the previous ones. If you have open orders on client copiers, wait until they are closed before updating to the new version!!!

- Improved support of binary options (type UP / DOWN is only supported)
- Improved entry mode by the number of spreads. If spread is zero, the copier automatically switches to entry accuracy in points.
- Changed value of parameter filter slippage = 5.0 for compatibility with previous versions
- In the Free version, added a capability to specify 'lot multiplicator'
- Improved closure with 'close price use' active
- Changed order tracking logics for the following new functions (ATTENTION: prior to update the application, let the Copier close all positions, otherwise they will be lost!)
- Fixed an error with minimal lot when copying CFD and Forex instruments
- Changed logics of symbol match tables, the table is of a higher priority. The exact match of instruments (full names like in the terminal) should be specified in the table
- New option no_move_stoploss_and_takeprofit that disables shift for stop loss and take profit if position was entered with a deviation. The function is on by default.
- The default value of the use_currency_koef is set to true
- New option slippage_is_count_spread, when set to true activates mode of accuracy based on the number of spreads and the entry accuracy depends on the spread. The function is on by default.
- The following parameters have been renamed: list accounts for copy, delimiter (,) -&gt; server accounts default lot -&gt; fix lot filter slippage open price -&gt; filter slippage