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Martingale MACDcci

Martingale MACDcci trades using the signals of Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) and Commodity Channel Index (CCI ).

It enters the market on receiving signals from MACD for the first position and CCI for the 2-10 th positions. The orders are closed either by MACD for the first position, CCI for the 2-10 th positions and the Profit_Percent_Risk parameter in case of a profit, or by the Close_position_Reverse signal in case of a loss, or by a stop loss in case of a loss. The Stop Loss level for the first and next orders is set either according to the SL_Daily_0_to_30, or the SL_Points parameter.

The trading volume used for opening positions depends on the following parameters: Max_order_1_to_10, Risk_Money_SL and Risk_Percent_Balans_SL. Martingale system, which proportionally increases the trade volume according to set parameters, is applied when you open a trade.

The EA is optimized for EURUSD M30 0_00001. You should attach the EA to a chart and allow automated trading to let the Expert Advisor work. However, with proper settings, it is also appropriate for any timeframes and instruments.


  • Magic index - magic number assigned to the first trade; Magic_index+n is assigned to next trades, where n is a number of opened positions.
Note: Regardless of the amount of opened positions set in the Max_order 1 to 10 parameter, the EA reserves 5 magic numbers. If the magic number is equal to 1, do not use the next 9 numbers with this symbol. Instead, start from 11, etc.;
  • Max_order_1_to_10 - maximum amount of opened positions but not greater than 10. Martingale is used;
  • Risk_Money_SL - amount of money, which can be lost if Stop Loss triggers;
  • Risk_Percent_Balans_SL - risk percentage of the deposit balance. The risk is calculated as a maximum value between Risk_money_SL and Risk_Percent_Balans_SL and used to calculate an autolot;
  • Profit_Percent_Risk - percentage of targeted profit from Risk_money_SL or Risk_Percent_Balans_SL when closing positions;
  • EMA_Fast_Period - fast EMA period of the MACD indicator;
  • EMA_Slow_Period - slow EMA period of the MACD indicator;
  • MACD_SMA_Period - period of the MACD indicator signal curve;
  • CCI_Period - ССI indicator period;
  • CCI_Noise - CCI indicator noise level: upper _level=0+CCI_Noise, lower _level=0-CCI_Nois;
  • Trailing_Stop_Points - trailing stop, in points;
  • Break_Even_Points - move an order to breakeven, in points;
  • SL_Points - stop loss in points is calculated as a maximum value between SL_Daily_0_to_30 and SL_Points;
  • SL_Daily_1_to_30 - stop loss by daily High and Low levels changes from 0 to 30 and is calculated as a maximum value between SL_Daily_0_to_30 and SL_Points
  • Close_Position_Reversal - close positions regardless of the profit when MACD indicator trend reversal signal appears.

Attention: The default settings are not universal ones. You should define an asset, a timeframe and the parameters to ensure the EA correct operation!

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