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Trend Time

Trend_Time is a special EA only for GBPUSD pair, because it is optimized for GBPUSD H4. The EA can be used on other symbols but the results will most probably be different.

The strategy is based on a multitimeframe trend. The EA opens several pending orders and a trailing stop is included for more effective results.

The strategy is opening buy stop, sell stop, sell limit and buy limit pending orders above and below of the H4 last closed candlestick (previous candlestick).

The EA only has some parameters. It is easy to use and not too complicated.

This EA is not a grid system, a martingale or averaging. It is just simple pending order with trailing stop management, auto lot size management and pending order management with ordinary SL/TP pips target.


  • Trailing_Stop (default is 10 pips): trailing stop parameter.
  • Risk_MM (default is 0.5): auto lot size, if the free margin increases. The next lot size is higher (but not aggressive).
  • Hours_From (default is 4): the EA starts at 4:00 am local time (default is GMT+7 local time).
  • Hours_To (default is 3): the EA ends working at 03:00 am local time (default is GMT+7 local time).
  • Target_Equity (default is 1 000 000): equity target is 1 000 000. It can be set to whatever you want as long as your target is higher that your current equity. If the target equity reached, the EA closes all orders and the EA starts again (if the target equity is reached, it is recommended to change your target equity parameter again to the higher value).
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Version 99.1 - 2015.10.30
1. Added time filter parameter.
2. Added spread filter parameter.
3. Added TP/SL parameter.
4. Added Magic Number parameter.
5. Improved strategy from a lot of opened order (previous version) to only one opened order per day (new updated version).