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Visual Trader

Want to see your trading system visually on a chart?

Visual Trader allows you to see your historic and live trades entry and exit points.

  • See all your trades
  • Analyse your system

It is a very useful forex tool as it shows the trades in the same way as they are shown on a back-test. It is great for analysis of your trading system as you get to see how the entry and exit points match your indicators and chart shifts.

You will see a red arrow and corresponding line for your sell trades and a blue arrow and corresponding line for your buy trades. The line is drawn for historic trades and when open trades are closed.

Please see the screenshot.

It is easy to use

  1. Install Visual Trader to your Experts folder
  2. Attach to the currency chart
  3. See all your trades

Try it now and see if it helps you to better visualise your system.

Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.05.07 12:45 

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