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Dublicator Deals

If you use trading signals regularly, you probably know that a signal provider's trading lot volume can differ from that of a subscriber. The provider may apply a volume that is too large or too small relative to your deposit.

The Dublicator Deals utility automatically opens an additional order with an increased lot. Orders will be opened and closed automatically in accordance with the original order. Also the tool automatically copies the Stop Loss and Take Profit values.

This tool can automatically add comments to open orders so that you could easily find trades opened by a signal and additional trades opened by the utility.


You want to increase the lot size by 10 times:

  • The original order: 0.01 lot
  • An additional order: 0.09 lot
  • Set lot multiplier = 9
  • Result: 0.01 + 0.01 * 9 (lot multiplier) = 0.1 lot
  • Thus the lot size has increased from 0.01 to 0.1 lot

Important: Launch the product inly on one computer/VPS, in one window, and on one chart/account. The EA will automatically work with all currency pairs. If you simultaneously launch the utility on several computers or VPS servers, each copied order will be duplicated.

The product supports operation on the MQL5 Virtual Hosting.


  • Delay - trade polling frequency on the account in ms.
  • Timeout (min) - number of minutes, after which an open deal is considered obsolete (the setting allows you to specify time as a ratio, for example 0.5 corresponds to 60*0.5=30 seconds)
  • Lot multiplicator - lot increase ratio. If 0, a fixed lot can be specified (fix lot option)
  • Fix lot - fixed lot if a lot ratio is 0
  • Filter magic list – filter of trades by magic, all trades are allowed by default.
  • Filter symbols list – filter by the name of symbols on the server, all symbols are allowed by default.
  • Filter comment list – filter by comment or its part, all trades are allowed by default.
  • Filter minimum - minimum lot on the server that is allowed to copy. 0 – the function is disabled
  • Filter maximum - maximum lot on the server that is allowed to copy. 0 – the function is disabled
  • Reverse mode - the function allows opening an opposite order. For example, if the primary order is BUY, the additional opened order will be SELL.
  • Copy limit orders, Copy stop orders - allows copying pending and limit orders. Disabled by default
  • Slippage is spread - in this mode accuracy is calculated in accordance with the current spread; if disabled 'filter slippage' is set in points
  • Filter slippage - entry accuracy as the multiplier of spread or a value in points, e.g. if spread is 1 point and the parameter is set to 2, entry accuracy tolerance is 2 points.
  • Auto_comment - change a comment automatically for more convenience in identifying orders opened by the duplicator
  • User comment - set your order comment
pjs 2017.10.05 18:13 


Tejas Lalit
Tejas Lalit 2017.09.09 08:00 

Awesome. works very good! Thanks for giving it for free

bloglo110 2017.04.15 03:15 

This is a very handy software and Alexandr shares with us for free. It works perfectly and just duplicated extra orders. Easy to use. Thank you.

Stefan Zanfir
Stefan Zanfir 2017.04.03 23:34 

Very good product. Easy to use and gets the job done.

Jasmin Delalic
Jasmin Delalic 2017.03.12 21:59 

Overloads CPU even after Author managed to make that in Task Manager you don't see an overload. Author frequently is dropping price and adding more activation. Why if it's good? I am glad to see that other users are happy.

Viacheslav Shvartsberg
Viacheslav Shvartsberg 2017.03.01 15:28 

И сам дубликатор реально прост и хорош. Хочется отметить и отзывчивость автора, который оперативно дает толковые и понятные ответы на возникающие по ходу использования вопросы. Спасибо.

vlasic 2017.02.28 12:51 

Загрузка CPU на VPS от MQL5 - 80%. После update версии терминала на VPS до 1052 проблема исчезла

Dmitry Kravchenko
Dmitry Kravchenko 2016.11.04 08:12 

Simple and easy to use

Version 1.22 - 2017.03.01
- Improved trade requesting timer
- Added reverse of signals
- Added the mode of detecting entry accuracy in spreads
- Added filters by magic, symbols, comments, maximum and minimum lot.
- Minor fixes
Version 1.20 - 2016.08.16
- Code optimization
- Improved operation on an account with a signal