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Binary Option Gym

The Binary Option Gym is an utility for you to test your Binary Options (BO) Strategies without need for investing money or signing in with a broker.

It is not a robot nor it advises you with entry or exit points. But it consents to simulate the behavior of manual investing in Binary Options.

It is a tool that may make a professional Binary Option Trader of you or .... it might show you that Binary Option is not your best field, without having wasted any money!

So relax, have fun and learn how to act with Binary Options.

Please Note: Due to the nature of this utility, it does not work in the Strategy Tester. To test it, try the free demo version Binary Option Gym Free

Binary Options

A Binary Option (BO) is a type of short-term, fix-high-return investment. You have to take only 3 decisions to invest in a Binary Option:

  • Will the price go Up or Down?
  • By when?
  • How much to invest?

That makes Binary Options very easy to understand and accessible to the new traders. But BO are also highly risky: when you lose, you lose more money than what you make if you win.

But with BO you MUST know what you are doing, or you might exhaust your account very, very quickly!

For that reason we developed this tool for you to practice, test, workout your best strategies and money management tactics. So you can become an expert and a successful Binary Options Trader without risks.

How To Use

There are 3 main user settings. You may adjust them in real time:

1) Payout percentage. Many brokers offer different percentages of return, depending on the type of asset or expiry time type you are using. This setting allows you to reproduce such behavior. Note: the Refund rate is fixed to Zero.

2) The Expiry Time type. You may choose between 3 main modes:

  • Expiring after a fix amount of time from the opening of the trade - (Exp. after sec, Exp. after min, Exp. after H from opening)
  • Expiring on the closing of the candle in the specified time frame - (Exp. clock min, Exp. clock H, ex: closing on the 4h candle)
  • Expiring on an indicated instant in the future - (Exp. @ hh:mm ex: expiring at 15:37, "hh:mm" 24h format)

At the start of BO Gym, the expiring type is set to "Exp. After Sec"; meaning that the number in the box just below, which by default is set to 60, is taken as number of seconds to count from the opening of a trade to compute the expiry time.

It is your responsibility to input the correct number on the expiry time box. In all cases, with the exception of the Exp. @ hh:mm, the number must be an integer like 1, 2, 3,...60,...180,....

3) Amount $. This is the amount you decide to invest in the next trade.


The Binary Option Gym indicates:

  • The Pair
  • The current price (green increasing, red dropping)
  • The Server Current Time in the "hh:mm:ss" 24 h format
  • The number of trades currently open. You may open up to 29 concurrent trades.
  • The number of closed trades that you have won, lost or were a tie ( W L T ).
  • The net balance, meaning how much you are making or losing. Note that this number may become negative if you lose more money than winning.
  • The current winning rate, computed as W / ( W+L) %. Tie trades are not considered as they should not affect your net balance.

In the ToolBox, Experts Tab, all the changes in the settings, opening and closing trades are printed.

You might find there the details of all your actions and all your closed and still open trades with their expiring time.

Graphical Aids

If the expiry time is within the window, you will see a vertical red line plotted to show the current expiry time.

When you press the Buy button, a horizontal green line is plotted to mark the entry price and a rising blue arrow is plotted on the opening time and price.

If you press the Sell button, a horizontal red line is plotted and a dropping red arrow is marked on the opening time and price.

A dotted line joins the opening arrow with the relative closing mark.

Winning trades are marked with a golden star at the closing price and time.

Losing trades are marked with a gray cross at the closing price and time.

You may customize some of the colors etc… through the setting dialogue box. The dialogue box is self-explanatory. The "Print" is referring on printing in the Tool Box, Experts Tab.

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Version 2.0 2015.06.09
GUI may now be also horizontal on the top or bottom of the chart. Inserted unique identifier for each trade allows to set the expiring time in days. Inserted button for printing a list of open trades. Unified code for MT4 and free version minor bug fixed.
Version 1.10 2015.06.05
v 1.10
Implemented the user setting of having the Panel on the right side or on the left side of the screen.

Better handling of the "unusual" user inputs and program feedback in the Experts tab