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Smart breakout is an advance trading system. SB uses real breakout strategy with an in-built intelligent filter eliminating bad signals.

Trades are always protected with STOPLOSS, Smart Trailing and Breakeven. This EA is very easy to use and it does not use up your CPU or memory.

SB has proven results on H1 EURUSD, GBPUSD, however you can change the settings for better results on other currencies.

For best result, I recommend broker with maximum spread of 10 points (1 pip) on EURUSD, and GBPUSD. 5 years backtest result proves no bad year for the EA.

Please see product signals here: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/quadricanna

SB has gone through stress test and it overcome bad trading period.

  • No martingale
  • No Grid
  • Always use Stoploss to secure your investment
  • No risky scalping
  • Usable on other currency pairs to mitigate risk
  • Easy to use ( No complicated settings)


  • iTakeProfit - Take profit in points
  • iStopLoss - StopLoss in points
  • SmartStopLevel - If this is true StopLoss will be adjusted according to price movement
  • UseTrailing - If this is true, profit will be protected with trailing stop
  • iTrailingStop - Smart trailing point when order position is in profit
  • TrailingStep - Smart trailing step in point when order position is in profit
  • InvestMore - If this is true lot size will increase when account balance grow
  • InvestRisk - Lot size increase based on account balance. For example InvestRisk of 50 means 0.05 lot on $100 balance
  • UseBreakEven - If this is true Stoploss price will be moved to breakeven when price is above target points
  • breakevenTargetPipsInp - When price is above this value breakeven will be triggered
  • breakevenJumpPipsInp - Stoploss will be moved using this value to breakeven
  • Slippage - Allowed slippage before order is triggered
  • orderComment - Order Comment to change the EA name
  • maxSpread - Maximum Spread allowed before pending order is triggered
Erick Mutombo
2016.11.10 01:20 

it used to be very good before, but performance was affected when many people started using it. I hope the seller will release update soon

So far the EA is good. I like it best on EURUSD

2016.11.03 18:42 

Poor performance on my system

Fallet Willy
2016.09.26 20:18 

cet EA ne gagne pas

je ne recommande pas

après 6 mois je n'ai rien gagné

this EA does not win

I do not recommend

after 6 months I did not win anything

Michael Kress
2016.09.19 23:39 

I was at 5 stars rating with version 2.78, but bad results started a little bit after the release of version 3.0. In the release notes of version 3.0 Quadri wrote: "Improved strategy with more quality and precise entry points", but I didn't see most of those on my account(s). I was trying to obtain better results by backtesting, optimizing and forwardtesting. But it was all lost time.

So this is not profitable anymore for me. 1 Star, not more.

Steve Collins
2016.05.04 17:19 

Maybe a few updates would make more sense. I think the EA is good, Brokers are sucks

Oct 2

Made profit because I rented in early September, result is similar to vendor signal but I went for low risk.

My advise if you planning to use this EA.

Rent first and try with low Risk. Trade for a month and see before you buy or complain. I did same back in September I made profit and bought the EA from the profit.

Isn't that wise?

I also think the EA is promising with some improvements. Quadri keep workingggg!!

Feb 2016: I wonder why people complain about this EA, I'm still using this EA and I can say it has a lot of feature. If you are really a good trader you can make best out of it.

I keep my 5 stars. I recently starts trading commodities with it and am happy.

2016.04.30 14:55 

It was very good in the past, later became sucks. Now only see lose without any improvement coming soon. The real account signal has been removed by the seller due to bad performance.

2016.03.30 14:57 

it is worth 1$

Mark Eckert
2016.02.29 22:40 

Xiaoyang Sun
2016.02.22 02:54 

The author tested the other varieties. The expert is still the most stable. perfect

Aleksey Lebedev
2016.02.17 05:55 

Купил данный советник, но его прибыльность оставляет желать лучшего... (в лучшем случае остаешься при своих)

Jonh Henderson
2016.02.11 04:40 

Quadri please can we have the setfile you use for your signal?

This is still my favorite EA, Author should not update the EA with functions that could affect the EA. Again it is too cheap.

Best EA here, better than those expensive EAs I have tried in the past.

I am running it on my 6 accounts and am happy with my settings different from seller.

Finally I found Expert I can play with and make money.Please don't ask me for settings.

2016.01.14 05:43 

This is a great EA.

I got 20% of profits in this two months . This is a real account .

Low-latency VPS

Low spreads

No commission

Low stop level

These conditions are necessary It is .

2016.01.13 03:03 

I bought this Ea about 2 month ago, so far I only see big loses and small wins, recently I'm tracking it's action unfortunately I see no such a SMART thing in it as it takes so many obvious false break outs. Now seller also not repling to messages or replys too late with a short answer. There is plenty of room for improvement but before them apply I can't give any more than a single star... I hope I can update my review soon happy with full stars..

2016.01.07 10:53   

there is a great problem , this robot is Compounding same trade at the same point at the same time , which may make a great loss !!

Abel Liu
2015.12.26 14:20 

My forward test account for this EA :-


Will update accordingly.

Stefan R.
2015.12.25 23:03 

Ran version 3 for 2 months on a demo account. Account lost more than 75%.

Even though Max Spread was set to 14.0 pips in the settings I had several trades taken with huge spread causing huge losses.

Generally the EA makes a lot of losses and very few wins.

I am still running EA on Demo account and will keep an eye on it.

Rozana Sustar
2015.12.25 22:16 

This EA caused me only losses. And the fact that it only works on FXCC, is bad...

2015.12.15 20:48 

first it did well, but now my real accounts are down to 0.1pip expectancy on 2 reputable ECN brokers. Will see if any updates can improve the performance again.

Ricardo J.
2015.12.07 21:14 

Been working for 1 month and I got -4% even using VPS and ECN(tickmill). So far this EA is good only for my broker, small profits that disappear with comission.

will wait for a better second month.

David Feuillet
2015.12.04 03:43 

Bought the EA last week, I will come later for the rating, will see the result.

上周刚买了这EA, 一个月后来评价,

my signal我的信号 https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/143471

微信18662148010 我有激活可以卖, 需要请联系我

Sofiane Chebil
2015.12.02 18:10 

Very good one.


Nikita Romashko
2015.11.25 15:19 

i rented this ea 02.09, now only 1 lose trade

update after month*

27.10 update, after 1 month: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/139745


next month, -50%


Vladimir Gulyaev
2015.11.25 07:00 

If you are planning to buy this expert, choose a broker with a average spread of 0.5 EURUSD and hosting a ping less than 10 ms.

The expert is very sensitive to changes in the market. Please refer to the signals of the author to see profitability.

Pedro Miranda
2015.11.23 17:12 

I just bought the EA, and I have put it trading on two different ECN brokers. I had positions opened on both brokers at the same time, and it actually synced with the author's signal.

I got better results with the broker which offers less latency and faster execution.

I will wait few more weeks before giving it a five star.

I will keep you updated!!!

==== UPDATE (21/11/2015) ====

I am downgrading my review.

I have bought it in the end of October for 350 and until now I only lost money in my live accounts.

I also got very frustrated when I found out the seller have used 100% risk in his live signal. And he reduced the risk after he sold a lot of EAs in October.

I have done some extra backtests and they are not as good as I thought it would be.

Furthermore the sellers published backtests using 90% modeling quality (which is not tick data) with very tight SL levels. 90% is not enough if you are putting your SL on 2 pips (20 points) only.

Also 2 pips won't work on real life conditions, because of slippage. That's why the seller recommend to use 50 points SL instead of 20.

I only realize the backtest trick now and I feel that I got scammed in some way.

Also, the author doesn't offer rentals anymore. It's pretty obvious he is afraid the months to come will have nothing similar with his live signal.

Ashish Singh
2015.11.23 06:30 

I bought this EA before 1 month. This is is only working with FXCC XL account on other STP broker losses are big and profits are very small. I lost my all profits and equity too. Only working in fxcc XL account because they giving 0.2-0.6 pip spread no commission which is impossible even if you open an account with direct LP.

Frederick Fung
2015.11.23 04:01 

Greeting All Traders!

Author provided excellent support!

Currently running on Tickmill with VPS


Will update accordingly

Zhiteng Wang
2015.11.19 04:00 

微信 43625059


Rinor Memeti
2015.11.17 18:52 

Best EA on market. Absolutely.

ShuZhi Fan
2015.11.16 23:13   

I have already bought your EA

Run for one day . This is my signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/145737

2015.11.15 19:34 

This is my best asset and best weapon for trading with consistent profits and without risking my funds. I really thank the author to create such a beautiful EA for us struggling traders. I love it and recommend to all who're still looking out and searching. :)

Zsolt Tekula
2015.11.15 10:05 


Sb Ea on top of the market!!:-)

I use it on 5 different account, all working. I use home pc and i got same resault as vps.

Thanks Quadri

Nabeel Ahmed
2015.11.14 12:59 

i am testing this product on demo, after testing and comparison of real signals given by Quadri, i am satisfied with this product, its really good in financial markets. Moreover its very good on Mfx broker, RoboForex & Fxcc

Gerald van Wattum
2015.11.12 21:20 

I'm very happy to use smartbreakout.

Running now for 2 weeks and got a good.

My signal is:


My advise is also to use FXCC as broker. Low spread / no comission.

Iury Alves Pereira
2015.11.10 19:29 

Excelente expert Advisor, Quadri é um bom amigo, eu uso na Activtrades e tenho obtido ótimos resultados... Vai ai meu perfil no facebook pra quem quiser trocar uma ideia pois o smart breakout tem futuro https://www.facebook.com/Iuryguitar

Rami A.
2015.11.06 15:54 

after more than month, this EA is the best of all other EA that I have used.

Absolutely, worth 5 stars

please be advised, it will only work in tight spread 0.1 with commission

I'm using Pepperstone and Tickmill

Tobias Grosse
2015.11.06 07:47 

Very good EA.

At the moment I can recommend only FXCC as broker (XL account with spread below 10 points) and BeeksFX for VPS (ping time 4msec).

ActivTrades is also ok, but made some more losing trades compared to FXCC.

My signal: https://www.mql5.com/de/signals/143177

I will update my review occasionally.

2015.10.28 11:19   

hello im new on this fx things , i bought your products on 2015.10.25 no:3262872 my computer open 24/7 but it is still not doing anything,no buy or sell .could you pls help me ?.(auto trade enable)

Marco Giustini
2015.10.26 13:31 

Hi to all,

After one month rent, bought yesterday.

This morning first winning with V3 - Great!!

The power of this EA it's work on various Broker (obviously not all brokers may be)

I use Activtrades, my trades it's perfectly aligned to Quadri signal.

Advice: use good VPS and do not "disturb" EA with manual trading, let it work.

Thanks Quadri

2015.10.22 18:23 

Luckily i stopped the EA on my live account early. Can't imagine what'll happen after 1 month if still let it run. Purposely deposited money into FXCC acc just for this :(

Never rely on any EA that's too sensitive to which broker and account type to be used even just started to gain some profits in the beginning because market can change and hunt for your stoploss. A truly proven EA should be able to use any broker unless those with ridiculous spread.

Updated Oct15,2015:

SB seems like working OK at this market condition now at least on demo accounts. Therefore, +1 star.

Update Oct22, 2015:

Big movement price market is what needed to cover previous loss trades and in profit again :) But this is definitely not for the faint heart, and require patience. +2 star.

Chirag Brahmbhatt
2015.10.22 16:35 

Today I Rented for second month as last month was not so well coz of low volatility in market. So far I am satisfied with the result. Support from Quadri is almost instant. Looking forward for second month. Till then 10 out of 5 stars from my side ;) .

Mithun Paul Varghese
2015.10.16 22:29 

Rocking! Its rocking. Good 5 stars. Ran it for 2 weeks now. It is steady

Alessio Bizzarri
2015.10.13 20:16 

I bought this EA today 05/03/2015 10/13/2015 0 open no order, while signal SB Quadri works.

My Broker is HotForex

First Week SB worked alone on account then annoyed situation I opened trading manuals.

Quadri says because I have too many open operation manuals :O

I find this a bad excuse.

Balance total is € 13,700 Trading open € 500

Review neutral. only spent $ 250 for nothing.

2015.10.13 10:57 

I think the potential of this EA is enormous!

My contacts with the vendor are great and pleasant. Quadri is responsive (quick) and communicates very well.

A FOREX greeting from The Netherlands/Europe.

2015.10.09 22:48 

For me this Masterpiece works very well. I bought this robot and run it on a VPS. My Broker is ActivTrades and i have no Problems with it.

Until now it seems to me that the EA developes the same performance as i backtested it.

Thank you

Edit: This week I had about 30euro profit. 9 trades won and 2 lost.

I don´t think this is bad for a small account. For me the EA works. Even on an ActivTrades account.

P.S. This is definitely no fake review.

Frank B
2015.10.09 13:29 

And again losses today. Until now not profitable with my brokers Activetrades and LCG

Edit 09.10.15 Very funny. A short time after my review, that the ea not works good with my broker Activetrades, i read a new review, how good the ea works with activetrades. Could it be that there a some fake reviews? Even poor results the last days at the vendors account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/130954#!tab=history

Now waiting for a update. Hope than it's better.

Abdullah Alkaluf
2015.10.08 02:15 


I used it three different broker and the result different not the same owner.

Volker A.
2015.10.07 10:56 

Used Roboforex, Alpari and FXCC but mostly losses, even with the same settings of the SmartBreakout signal.

Strange is that the FXCC XL (my VPS 5ms) account was also loosing when the SmartBreakout signal was making profts.

Because of that I have stopped the EA!

Kaimin Wang
2015.09.29 04:42   


Nuno Vaz
2015.09.24 11:10   

Ola bom dia, aluguei durante um mês para experimentar, esta a trabalhar à dois dias e ainda não fez nenhum negocio, parece estar tudo bem, é normal

Lee Bryant
2015.09.15 14:18 

Still evaluating the EA as only just installed but backtests at 99% tick quality look good and the seller is very responsive and supportive, recommended!

Amir Sadeghi
2015.09.10 13:21 

I bought this product

And from today I will start working on real account

I have been testing it for a month with a demo account

Thanks Quadri

Version 3.1 - 2015.12.16
- Improved and more better algorithm
- Options to hide stoploss with backup
- SB can now work with other EAs
- Fixed issue with multiple open and deleted orders
- Fixed many other bugs
Version 3.0 - 2015.10.23
- Improved strategy with more quality and precise entry points
- Trading Time is now implemented
Traders can now set their preferred trading time for best trading session
- Optimized EA to work independently without interference
- Fix other minor and major errors.
Version 2.78 - 2015.09.21
- Improved Breakout Price Search
- Fixed some minor errors
Version 2.77 - 2015.09.16
- Non-Farm Payroll: Users now have choice to trade during NFP news
- Optimized the EA to work with other EAs
- Improved trailing stop
- Fixed minor bugs
Version 2.76 - 2015.09.04
- Optimized EA to recognize Market Noise
- Fixed bug causing false error message in the Expert Tab
- Exit Rules Optimized
Version 2.74 - 2015.08.28
- More functional Exit when breakout signal expires.
- More successful orders than the previous version.
- Lot step is now adjusted automatically.
Version 2.71 - 2015.08.25
Improved signals for more successful breakout
Fixed trailing errors
Fixed other minor bugs