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Lot Booster Free Demo

This is a demo version of the Lot Booster product.

LotBooster allows you to increase the trading volume from your signal subscriptions and put you in more control after receiving the orders. If you are unsatisfied with incoming 0.01 lot tickets despite your topped off trading balance in your 1:500 leveraged account, then LotBooster will help. LotBooster trades up incoming orders automatically after you have executed the EA with a few simple input values:


  • Lot multiplier factor used to set the lot size to boost orders derived by a signal provider.
  • Provider's order comment – comment provided by a signal provider to identify orders to be boosted. Leaving this blank is not advised, as the EA then will boost all orders in your basket resulting in unexpected consequences.
  • Maximum price slippage – value of the maximum price slippage in points for boosted buy or sell orders using OrderSend().
  • Boost profitable orders only – filter to prevent the EA from boosting orders with a negative profit. The default value (True) will only boost orders in profit.
  • Adjust risk for available equity – enable the EA to deploy a risk algorithm to reduce exposure in the event of drawdowns approaching 80-90%. The default value is False as this executes OrderClose().

LotBooster opens and closes boosted orders automatically as they come in or are closed out by the signal provider. I recommend using LotBooster with providers whose profit factor is above 2.0 and drawdown less then 20%.

LotBooster can be used on demo accounts but it cannot be backtested since it depends on orders generated by a third party.

Note: Be aware of the Lot Multiplier parameter which is a powerful feature that can overextend your trading if you do not take into consideration your signal provider's maximum drawdown.

It is not recommended to use a value of more than 4-5 in order to stay on the safe side.
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2017.10.27 08:28 

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