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The scalping Expert Advisor trades by divergence signals followed by filtration. The EA can set limit orders, average stop loss (in percentage) and a trailing profit (moves a take profit for a specified amount of pips regardless of the amount of open orders, thus receiving a specified profit in pips from the initial lot). The recommended timeframe is H1. The default settings are designed for EURUSD H1.

The trading robot can be easily optimized for any timeframe and currency pair.


  • Trading Period 1, Trading Period 2, Trading Period 3, Trading Period 4 – time the EA trading is on/off.
  • Orders in the Series – number of placed Limit orders when opening an order by a signal.
  • Starting Lot – starting lot is the one opened when a signal appears.
  • Step Of Increasing The Lot – step of increasing the next lot of pending orders. The increase is performed by adding the specified value.
  • TakeProfit Series (pips) – take profit is calculated in points from the starting lot. When an order series is triggered, it is calculated, averaged and then automatically moved following the price (just like a trailing stop, though in the opposite direction).
  • StopLoss (The maximum drawdown in %) – common stop loss triggered when reaching a specified drawdown percentage regardless of the amount of open orders. The value is calculated from the current funds. The recommended value is 70% (averaged trailing stop principle).
  • To check the Signal at each Tick – signal check at each tick is applied for more sensitive trade. When enabled, an order is opened after a signal arrives. When disabled, an order is opened after closing a candle.
  • Period Of Rapid, Period Of Slow, Period Of The Signal – signal indicator parameters (can be changed during optimization).
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