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In the original EasyTransaction indicator trading system signals are generated when the blue line crosses level 50 and when it crosses the yellow (dotted) line.

But I recommend using the following signals for trading: buy, when the blue line crosses yellow line upwards while they are both below the level 50; sell, when the blue line crosses yellow line downwards while they are both above the level 50.

Input Parameters:

  • SF (default = 5) - a smoothing factor;
  • AlertLevel (default = 50) - indicator value for alerts. It is not recommended to change it;
  • MsgAlerts (default = true) - if true, message alerts will appear;
  • SoundAlerts (default = true) - if true, sound alerts will be used;
  • SoundAlertFile (default = "alert.wav") - the file name of the sound alert;
  • eMailAlerts (default = false) - if true, it will send alerts at e-mail specified in MetaTrader 5.
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