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Fractals bot pips

The Expert Advisor is based on the Fractals indicator.

The EA is a semi-automated trading system able to run on any timeframe and currency pair. You define the settings on your own.

The product complements any trading strategy by automating fractal-based entries using various position tracking methods.

The EA has no complicated settings. You can run it when approaching an important level detected by the signals of your indicators, thereby allowing it to trade on important news. You no longer need to worry about setting TakeProfit and StopLoss, the EA will do it automatically, based on the specified settings.

It all depends on your trading strategy.


  • Lots - initial deal volume.
  • MaxLots - maximum deal volume.
  • LotMultiplikator_Martingale - lot multiplier.
  • StopLoss - stop loss.
  • TakeProfit - profit in points.
  • Magic - EA's ID number for deals.
  • Slippage - acceptable slippage.
  • TrailingStop - fixed trailing stop; if 0, disabled.
  • TrailingStep - trailing stop step.
  • OnlyOneOpenedPos - only one open position at a time.

Additional Recommendations

  • To ensure efficient operation of the EA, use it on reliable computer and uninterruptible Internet. Use a VPS server.
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2016.06.05 20:53 

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