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AikiFX CCS Plus Expert

Aiki CCS Plus is a fully automatic Expert Advisor expert that is not a scalper and trades only by trend avoiding high risky orders. In uses a few indicators and opens orders after receiving 5 confirming signals. No need to disable the EA during the news releases.

The default settings are optimized for the symbol EURUSD. And most of the tests have been performed for this pair. However, it can also work with other major currency pairs with low spreads (GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, EURJPY) after optimization of corresponding parameters.

You can select any timeframe, it does not affect trading.

Testing was conducted on different types of accounts (demo, cent and standard). Recommended deposit is 100 USD on standard accounts or 1000 cents on cent accounts.

Leverage used 1:500. 4-digit quotes. Fixed spread.

As the quotes on the currency market from different brokers slightly differ, the result is better with the broker for which it is optimized.

If your broker provides 5 digit quotes, no need to multiply the settings by 10.


  • DinamicRisk—Risk ratio, which is used to calculate the size of the lot for orders;
  • FirstTP—Take profit for the first order, in points;
  • MaxOrders—Maximum number of simultaneously open orders;
  • LotMultiplier—A multiplier for the second and following orders;
  • OrdersInterval—A minimum price range between orders;
  • ProfitMultiplier—A multiplier of the total profit. When it is reached, all the EA's orders will be closed;
  • PriceBandLimitUp—Filter for short-term up trend, the threshold at which deals cannot be opened;
  • PriceBandLimitDown—Filter for short-term down trend, the threshold at which deals cannot be opened;
  • FastMAPeriod—Period for the short-term trend analysis;
  • FastMATrendTF—Time frame for short-term trend analysis;
  • FastTrendOnly—To open the orders only in the direction of the trend on the lower time-frames;
  • BBBars—The number of bars for trend analyze;
  • SlowMAPeriod—Period for the medium-term trend analysis;
  • SlowMATrendTF—The time-frame for the medium-term trend analysis;
  • SlowTrendOnly—To open the orders only in the direction of the trend on high time-frames;
  • ShiftUp—Offset of open price for the first order;
  • ShiftUp2—Offset of open price for the second and the following orders;
  • SignalPeriod—The period to search for the signal to open order;
  • SignalLevel—The threshold at which the order is allowed to open;
  • TimeFrame—The main working time-frame for searching a signal;
  • Slippage—Allowable slippage for order opening, in points;
  • MagicNumber—Unique number for advisors orders.

The screen shots show the results of the EA with different risk factors. The greater the risk, the higher the result. Try to keep the "Relative drawdown" option below 60%.

If you have questions, write a private message to me please. I will answer and help.

Felipe Ponce Aragon
Felipe Ponce Aragon 2018.10.28 15:28   

I really love this author but this EA makes no profit in the long term. 0 stars.

Paul Thatcher
Paul Thatcher 2015.12.31 18:05 

I have been using this for a couple of months and found it very profitable. Make sure you choose the right settings, don't be greedy and it works very well. 35 USD was almost the best bargain of 2015. Thank you

gojov8 2015.08.26 17:23   

Сергей, этот робот не работает реальный счет. Я хочу вернуть свои деньги ...

Version 1.6 2016.01.22
Fixed an issue related to incorrect functioning of the ForceInterval parameter on a 5-digit account.
Version 1.5 2015.07.07
Some bugs fixed, changed the mechanism of closing positions and added a trailing stop for a single order.

Please check the link https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/falcon_aiki to check out the signal with realtime monitoring of the EA.

Added the parameters:

ForceInterval - interval to forced open the orders in the case of a drawdown;
SellTrailing - enable/disable trailing stop for a single order;
SellTrailingStop - profit level in points to enable a trailing stop;
SellTrailingStep - trailing step in points.