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Convert CSV file into MT4 order

This Expert Adviser will convert any CSV file with the following format into MT4 orders:


For example:


You will notice that on price we have 0 (zero) because it will be a market order. If you will have a price number it will open at that position as pending order.

Indicator parameters

  1. This Expert Advisor is MultiInstrument so you will need to attach to only chart to work on all Forex trading pairs.
  2. You will have as well MoneyManagement (if you want to trade Fixed lots or Lots per $10,000).
  3. You will be able as well to set if you want your orders to be closed on Friday, if not just let it blank.
  4. TrailingStop is another feature that you can use in this ExpertAdvisor. To setup it you will need to know the following:
    • TS activation profit = 70% of TP (when price is 0.7*TakeProfit value it will start the trail)
    • TS value = 100 (is the value of the trail, the distance between price and StopLoss) if you set to 0 the TrailingStop is deactivated
    • TS step = 1 (every points will be trailed)
    • TS min distance = 1 (StopLoss will be trailed near the StopLevel)


1. This Expert Advisor can be used if you have a signal provider and you are able to convert them into CSV files.

2. The name of the file must be: MessageData.csv and it should be place in \MQL4\Files.

3. As a market orders (when price is 0) the Expert Advisor will open the order as soon as a new line is found in CSV file.

Drake Raymond
2016.09.05 12:33   

Good day,

I rented the EA and it's working as expected.

Is there and option to put a Comment or maybe let orders close every X amount of hours or specify your expiry time of a market/pending order?

Thank you for a great EA.

Version 1.1 - 2016.09.07
Fixed some minors bugs.

Updated info.