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Precision Scalper

The Precision scalper Expert Advisor is designed to give scalpers the cleanest and the most compact scalping interface on the market.

Working on the minute timeframes, especially M1, you should move very fast to catch a profit. Using the standard MetaTrader interface for buying and selling is very slow, opportunities can be easily missed and, moreover, the standard interface takes up a lot of screen space.

Precision scalper provides a very quick access to the common scalping requirements:

  • Buy/Sell with optional protective Stop Loss;
  • Average current position if the price makes a small movement against you to catch more profit;
  • Close a fixed percentage of the open position and leave the rest to run to full profit;
  • Fully close an order;
  • Reverse the current position by clicking the opposite order button - this is very handy for closing the current order with profit and then catching the price retracement on fast movements;
  • Immediately tells if your current position is profitable or not - the background color turns green when it is profitable and red when it is not;
  • Exposure displays how much you are risking in each trade (based on lot size);
  • Open position profit showing the profit in the deposit currency and as a percentage of your total balance;
  • Daily profit displays how much profit you have made since yesterday in deposit currency and as a percentage of your balance.

Precision scalper packs all these features into a tiny package taking only a very minimal amount of screen space, so you can concentrate on the price action without constantly moving windows around.

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