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Unstoppable, just like time.

This EA is the result of many months of hard work, trying to create a system that doesn't require big capital or much attention.

The strategy is based on the crossing of several moving averages. I don't want to go too much into the details, you will see it by yourself.

Eventually, I developed this EA only for personal use. Now I feel the obligation to share my achievement with other traders who passed the same as me and are now searching for a tool like this.

This is not a system which makes lots of profit in no time!

What I offer you is an EA which:

  1. Doesn't require human help for operating
  2. Doesn't need lots of capital
  3. Had no significant losses in 11 years of backtesting
  4. Obtains growing benefits in relation to the capital

The fact that this EA never made significant losses had its price:

I don't believe in ever winning systems, for me the loss is part of the game. This means that a person with little capital has to take much more risk or be very patient to obtain good earnings.

To minimize the risk, I created a strategy which only bets in certain conditions. This way, I could greatly increment the success rate, but I also reduced the amount of trades made by the EA.

The execution time of the EA is a very important factor to determine his value. With each profit, more capital is available for future trades.

Summarizing: My system requires patience, but at least in the backtests from 2004 to 2015, it has made no significant losses!

The results depend highly on the market. As I said, the EA requires certain conditions to operate:

  • For example: 01/01/2004 - 24/09/2008: Capital 100€, Profit 12.337€ | Capital 1.000€, Profit 120.532€
  • But: 25/09/2008 - 27/11/2012: Capital 100€, Profit 757€ | Capital 1.000€, Profit 11.324€

I got these results with a standard account.

The best would be if you download the demo and try for yourself.

Input variables and important notes:

  • Risk: Number from 1 to 100. A high number means higher lots will be used.
  • onlyBUY: If true, the EA only opens long positions.
  • modifier: While modifying open positions, this number is multiplied with a number similar to the spread. The TP or SL will be modified by this distance.
  • BUYtp: Can influence on the TP of some positions.
  • BUYsl: Can influence on the SL of some positions.
  • barsPause: The amount of bars the EA has to wait before open a new position.
IMPORTANT: To this moment, the EA only was tested with EUR/USD on 15min timeframe. If there is need, I will optimize it for other symbols or timeframes.

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