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BalanceTraderLight is a light version of the BalanceTrader robot.

The strategy is based on a balance of buyers and sellers at certain time points. The robot detects these levels and accurately enters the market .

This version is be different in that it has only a part of algorithms included into the full version. At that the total number of trades is reduced, but nevertheless the robot is stable. This version is meant for those traders who cannot afford purchasing the full version, but want to trade using this robot. The price of the light version is significantly lower (more than twofold).

Test results showed 88% of profitable trades.

Attention: this is NOT a scalper NOR a breakthrough strategy, it DOES NOT use martingale, averaging and hedging!

When we were developing the robot, we observed and accomplished a condition which requires that all trades from the strategy tester must coincide with trades on a real account. Thus we have a real possibility to check the robot on historical quotes. Measure of inaccuracy is about 1-2% of all trades due to spreads and slippages.

The robot is meant for EURUSD, M5.

All basic settings are in the algorithm.


Initial deposit is from $100 on the assumption that minimum lot of your broker is 0.01.

The robot distinguishes 4 and 5 digit brokers.

It has fixed stop loss and floating take profit which is sensible to volatility. Thus, if the price goes against the open trade, the robot will be trying to close the position with the most profitable price.

Stop loss and take profit are set according to ECN rules.

The robot is not sensitive to a broker or account type, as it will work well in any cases. But we recommend to use a real ECN or STP account with good conditions of order execution, commission and spreads. It will save your money and nerves.

Available settings

  • FixedLot - fixed lot trading (set LotsFor10000 to 0 to enable this mode);
  • LotsFor10000 - position volume; specify number of lots for each 10,000;
  • StopLoss - stop loss in points;
  • Slippage - slippage in points;
  • comment;
  • Magic - unique number to control positions.

Test the robot by yourself and see how safe it is.

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