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Floating Lock

Floating Lock is an Expert Advisor that designed to lock up your floating plus so when its become worst your orders will be closed. It isn't opening any order but manages your manual orders and/or other EA's order. It works like a trailing stop but also works well for massive orders too. Its calculation is based on accumulative pips with following formula:

Pips = Floating / (Accumulative Lot * Tick Value)

You can open your manual trades anytime and as many as possible as per your strategy and this EA will manage their floating and when their floating reaches Start Lock limit, the EA will start to lock up your floating and will close all of your orders when your floating drops to Lock value so you won't lose your profit to much.


  1. Start Lock: Pips on desired tendency to start locking
  2. Lock: Distance pips between floating plus and locking-limit
  3. Lock Method: A selection to lock floating of account equity or to lock current symbol's floating
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