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Yield Martingale


Yield Martingale is a soft martingale Expert Advisor. The expected year return is about 25 - 30% of account balance with a medium DD of 15%.

The EA is very safe and it passed the 10 years backtest on all major currency pairs.

The annual return is not too high, but you can use it in a currency portfolio to have a good annual profit with a very low risk.


  • MinStep - minimum step for orders mediation.
  • Multiplier - lot multiplier for orders mediation.
  • MinGain - minimum gain profit.
  • MaxOrders - max number of allowed orders.
  • PercentLot - if > 0, the EA will calculate lots according to the account balance.
  • LotSize - size of fixed lot if PercentLot = 0.
  • MaxDD - max drowdown, after which the EA closes all positions.
  • MicroAccount - set to true, if your account is a micro (cent) account.
  • Slippage - max deviation of pip's price to open a position.
  • Magic - unique magic number, must be different for all EAs.

Other Information

Recommended minimum balance for this strategy is $10 000 for every 0.01 lot size.

If you buy the EA, send me a private message and I will send to you the best set file for all major currency pairs. For any questions, doubts or issues, do not hesitate to contact me by a private message.

Thank you and good trading!

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