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CashTroll Amateur

This EA is based on a unique formula and few filters. This system works best on H1 timeframe and should be used on this. It won't work on any other timeframe. The best pair to trade with this EA is the "EUR/USD". You can trade also other pairs with this system. But I would not advise you to do so.

Function that this EA has:

  • Re-Buy in profit
  • Trailing Stop (No StopLoss until in Profit. All Positions without stoploss will be closed automatically by the EA when a counter signal occurs)
  • SecretFilter (The more Periods, the less trades)
  • SecretLevel (The higher Level, the less trades)
  • SecretIngredientPeriod (The higher the Period, the less trades)
  • AgressiveTrading (if true: A second Position will be opened right after a lossmaking position in hope to recover the loss)
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