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Bid Ask Volumes

This indicator shows you the volume underlying the Bid and Ask quotes in the MetaTrader terminal. Volume is a key driver of price - if there is a large skew between Bid and Ask volume, this suggests price is going to make a movement in the skew direction.

This indicator is a very useful tool for scalpers and other short-term traders as it allows you to confirm your existing signals.

Settings include:

  • Scale Percent - percentage of window to fit volumes inside;
  • VolumeLotsAtMaxScale - number of lots which will be shown at the maximum scale;
  • LineWidth - width of the volume lines;
  • Period - Averaging period (helps smoothing out noisy movements).

Note: this indicator will not work in the strategy tester as there is no historical data for the Order Book, which this indicator uses.
2014.08.26 14:02   

Индикатор не отображается на графике.Прошу верните деньги!!!