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BreakoutEurUsd is a trading system that uses a breakout strategy based on classic indicator ZigZag. All orders are protected with Stop Loss, Breakeven and Trailing stop.

This expert works on H1 EURUSD. I recommend broker with low spread (at least <10) on EURUSD.


  • No martingale
  • No grid
  • Low drawdown within 10 years
  • Default settings as backtest


  • TakeProfit: take profit
  • StopLoss: stop loss
  • BaseLots: if money management = false, expert uses base lot
  • Management: money management (true/false)
  • MaximumRisk: risk, set to 0.5 on backtest
  • UseTrailing: if UseTrailing = true, EA uses trailing stop
  • TrailingStart: profit to activate trailing stop
  • TrailingStop: trailing stop distance
  • TrailingStep: step for trailing stop
  • ExitStartTime-ExitEndTime: EA works out of range (24-0 correspond all day)
  • FridayStop: indicates to trade on Friday (true/false)
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