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This automated scalping Expert Advisor uses a momentum strategy of breakthrough or rollback from High/Low of a selected period. The EA uses only prices, does not apply indicators, martingale, grid trading, arbitrage and other high-risk strategy. It uses fixed stops to limit potential losses. Market Execution is used, Take Profit and Stop Loss are placed after order execution, they are modified in accordance with the EA settings.

Maintaining Trades

The Expert Advisor uses a trailing stop based on the High/Low for a given number of bars. The EA finds the High/Low for a specified number of bars and sets the Stop Loss level. Low is used for the Buy deals, High is used for the Sell deals.


  1. The minimum recommended deposit for the EA operation is 100 in the deposit currency.
  2. Leverage from 1:100;
  3. Working timeframe M5-M15
  4. Use a VPS to run the EA;
  5. Currency pairs with high volatility and low spreads.


  1. Does not use Martingale;
  2. Always uses Stop Loss to protect money;
  3. It has a minimum of adjustable parameters;
  4. It does not require the constant presence of the trader;
  5. Works with any broker;
  6. Automatic recalculation of parameters for 3-5-digit quotes.

Setting Expert

It is recommended to use a cent account while choosing the best settings.

  • AnalyzeBars — analyze the number of last closed bars;
  • PriceStep — price step to calculate the momentum;
  • PriceSpeed — price speed in seconds;
  • Impulse — select the signal type.

These parameters apply to the deal opening signals. AnalyzeBars — this is the number of bars to search for the High/Low price. PriceStep — a distance in points, which the price should cover in a certain amount of seconds PriceSpeed. If the price makes this distance for the specified time, a signal to open a deal is produced - momentum. A deal opens only if the price is outside the previously found High/Low. Deal direction depends on the direction of the momentum Impulse.

Please follow the instruction to select parameters for individual currency pairs:

  1. Run the EA on several charts of a selected currency pair;
  2. Use different parameters and magic numbers for these charts;
  3. Add different comments;
  4. Save the setup file with a proper name;

Analyze the history of trades at the end of the trading week. Use comments to differentiate between different parameters. Profitable settings move on to the next week, other settings are changed. Thus you can select parameters for several pairs in a few weeks.


  • StartHours — trading start hour;
  • StartMinutes — trading start minute;
  • EndHours — trading end hour;
  • EndMinutes — trading end minute;
  • BalanceRisk — traded lot is calculated based on risk per trade;
  • Lots — fixed lot. if BalanceRisk = 0;
  • TakeProfit — take profit in points;
  • StopLoss — Stop Loss in points;
  • PlusSpread_SL — add the spread value to the Stop Loss. on/off;
  • MinusSpread_TP — subtract the spread value from Take Profit. on/off;
  • MaxSpread — maximum allowable spread size;
  • Comment — a comment to trades;
  • Magic — a magic number for trades;
  • BuyColor — Buy arrow color;
  • SellColor — Sell arrow color;
  • AnalyzeBars — analyze the number of last closed bars;
  • PriceStep — price step to calculate the momentum;
  • PriceSpeed — price speed in seconds;
  • Impulse — select the signal type;
  • BarsCount — the number of bars to search for highs/lows;
  • Distance — distance from High/Low to move stop loss;
  • MaxAttempts — the maximal number of attempts to open an order;
  • DelaySeconds — a pause in seconds between attempts to open an order;
  • Slippage — maximum price slippage;
  • ShowInfo — show/hide details;
  • TextColor — displayed data color.
Iyekeoretin Emmanuel
Iyekeoretin Emmanuel 2019.03.24 06:02 

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Habib Ur Rehman Hameed
Habib Ur Rehman Hameed 2015.11.27 22:12   

Using this expert past 2 weeks on ecn account so far I lost 12% of my account , very good on demo but nothing on live account here is my signal result


i have contected the author twice so far not receive any response , at the end i got scammed, word of advise do not buy expert base on only stratgey tester result, make sure expert has signal service to confirm result. finally at 27/11/2015 i am closing my signal.

wroger 2015.08.11 19:01 

EA is in Profit ,fair Price, fair rent option, fair Seller. Other sellers have to learn to do the same... I recommend this EA