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Key Finder

This indicator finds DeMark pivot points (TD Points), displays them on the chart in real time and indicates their dimensions. The values of the upper pivot points are displayed above the High,for lower pivot points - below the Low. If the indicator cannot calculate the dimension of a certain point on the selected chart interval, it marks such point with a colored circle. If the dimension of a point is defined upon the emergence of new bars, the point will be redrawn in accordance with its dimensions.

The indicator uses resource efficient calculation algorithms and can handle a significant amount of history bars, as well as large dimensions of points.

The indicator can be used for finding support and resistance levels, as well as for drawing trendlines and the patterns of the classical technical analysis.

Indicator Parameters

  • MinDimesion - the minimum dimension of key points. The dimension of the DeMark pivot points, from which they will be displayed on the chart.
  • CountBars - the number of bars to be analyzed. The number of history bars starting from the current one to be calculated by the indicator. When new bars Appearing new bars will be calculated automatically.
  • UpPointsColor - the color of upper pivot points.
  • LowPointsColor - the color of lower pivot points.
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