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TradeLevel21 Gold


  • Robotized trading system with adaptive logic.
    Uses support/resistance levels calculated on the basis of the price and mathematical algorithms. Trend-following and counter-trend strategies, short-term and medium-term positions.
  • Fully automated trading on EUR/USD, the best timeframe is М5, can work on М1, М5, М15, М30, Н1. TradeLevel21 cannot be launched on other instruments and periods.
  • Trading part includes five different independent positions (2 buy positions and 3 sell positions), which are opened and closed on the assumption of the current market situation and can be opened both separately and simultaneously.
  • Adaptive system of entry and exit control excludes skipping as the dealer does not know the price.
  • Informational messages for the user are in Experts tab of the terminal
  • Does not require optimization and complicated settings.
  • The system is resistant to trading conditions of different dealers.
  • Represented in two versions: TradeLevel21Standard and TradeLevel21Gold.


Includes following options:

  • "money&risk Management" - control over position lot size depending on deposit, selected risk degree (6 levels) and leverage.
    Note! Use USD as trading account currency to ensure proper operation
  • Select the way of placing Stop Loss /Тake Рrofit: traditional or virtual.
    When you place virtual Stop Loss /Тake Рrofit, the dealer can not see their location. They are displayed on the client terminal chart as lines. This removes your stop orders from the dealer's field of vision. But it can lead to additional slippage and risks depending on link quality, dealer's server performance, ping speed.
  • Possible entry points are displayed on the chart. (you can get acquainted in the tester)

TradeLevel21Gold Backtesting


  • initial deposit is $10,000
  • leverage is 1:200
  • min. lot is 0.01
  • lot step is 0.01
  • fixed spread is 2


  • period from 2010 to 2013
  • net profit with "easy" risk was $383,623.90
  • net profit with "normal" risk was $3,275,629.20
  • net profit with "parkour" risk was $3,745 093,621.60


  • "Risk" parameter select desired risk level from the drop-down list
    We recommend changing this parameter if there are not any open positions. The EA will accept changes at once. You can also change the parameter if there are open positions, but this new value will be accepted by the EA only when all open positions are closed.
    • easy - possible drawdown is about 20%
    • light - possible drawdown is about 25%
    • normal - possible drawdown is about 30%
    • hight - possible drawdown is about 45%
    • extrem - possible drawdown is about 60%
    • parkour - possible drawdown is about 70%
  • "RealySLTP" parameter
    This parameter can be changed both at the beginning of the operation and in the process of trading. The EA modifies open orders at once and changes type of stop orders from virtual to real and back.
    • on - if you want to use real (placed by the dealer) Stop Loss / Take Profit
    • off - if you want to use (not visible by the dealer) Stop Loss / Take Profit
  • "Show enter points" parameter
    You can change the parameter both when you enable the EA and when you already use it, but the color scheme will correspond to "Bar up"/"Bar down" settings adjusted before the EA started working.
    • on – enable visual display of possible entry points
    • off – disable visual display of possible entry points

Click ОК.

In case of orders previously opened by TradeLevel21Gold, they are identified and Stop Loss and Take Profit values are changed if necessary.


TradeLevel21Gold must work 24 hour a day during all 5 trading days of a week. Take this into account when you plan you trading terminal.

It is strongly not advisable to interfere TradeLevel21Gold operation.


All operations with the deposit can be carried out in the absence of open positions.

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