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Scalper DSS EA

Scalper DSS EA  is a fully automated scalping Expert Advisor, based on the Scalper DSS indicator.

Double Smoothed Stochastics - DSS Bressert is an oscillator, which was presented by William Blau and Walter Bressert briefly in two slightly different versions in succession. The calculation of DSS Bressert values is similar to Stochastic indicator, the difference is in the use of double exponential smoothing. The advantage over the classical Stochastic oscillators is the speed in response to price changes in a still very uniform flow pattern. Furthermore, the extreme zones on the other end of the scale are achieved even in strong trending quite often resulting in many trend compliant signals. Double Smoothed Stochastics - DSS Bressert values are the same as for Stochastic - the values above 80 indicate the overbought state of the market, the values below 20 indicate the oversold market state.  

This is a RAW Version. Default settings are meant for EURUSD M30.

Manually Adjustable Input Parameters

Scalper DSS parameters:

  • DSS Alert On: false or true
  • DSS EMA period
  • DSS Stochastic period 

MA (Moving Average) parameters: 

  • MA enabled
  • MA method
  • MA period
  • MA applied price

Trade parameters:

  • Risk: 1% means 1% of balance 
  • Lots: manually adjustable if Risk = 0 
  • Slippage
  • Magic Number 

Take Profit parameters: 

  • Take Profit: if 0, based on the indicator 

Stop Loss parameters:

  • Stop Loss: if 0, based on the indicator 

Trailing Stop:

  • Use trailing Stop: true or false
  • TS Start: This parameter define distance from open price to current price (in profit) where trailing stop should start. If buy at 1.14101 and set start=100, then at 1.14201 trailing stop should move SL first time.
  • TS Step: This parameter defines how often SL should be moved, for example, after every 10 pips of move.
  • TS Distance: This parameter defines how far from the current price should be SL placed. For example, you set a distance=200. If a trailing stop is activated at 1.14201, then SL moves to 1.14001.

Trading Time parameters:

This is a broker server time.

  • Strart time
  • End time

Pips value calculation parameters:

  • CFD Currency Symbol
  • Suffix
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