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Prediction Gun Day

Prediction Gun Day product designed by Kondala Rao Marneni, India. It is an Expert Adviser without indicators.

Please attach it on daily chart only. Order age maximum is 1 day only. Maximum affected orders are 8 only.

If 1st order is 1 lot then the 2nd order will affect 1.5 lot, 3rd order 2.0 and 4th order if executed then that is 2.5 but maximum lot increment is 300% to 1st order.

Avoid trading at heavy news day like Interest Rate Decision, Nonfarm Pay Rolls, etc.

Trader parameters

  • FixedLotMode = true;
  • Lots =0.1; (1)
  • LotMin = 0.1; (2)
  • LotMax = 0.1; (3), (1,2 & 3) are FIX the same like shown above
  • TSL = 50;
  • MaximumRisk = 0.02;
  • DecreaseFactor = 3;

Speculator parameters

  • FixedLotMode = false;
  • Lots = 0.1;
  • LotMin = 0.1;
  • LotMax = as you wish or fix @ broker allowed maximum level;
  • TSL = 50;
  • MaximumRisk = 0.02 to 0.1;
  • DecreaseFactor = 3;

But speculation caused funds will be effected highly some times, so be careful!


  • Fixed Lot Mode: False means lot size will be optimized, True means lot size mode converted into fixed lot size as per the input no.2 (Lot size)
  • Lot Size: This input parameter is a bridge of guidance between Lot size and Optimal Lot Size. if Fixed Lot Mode is False Order Lot size = Lot size * Optimized() Function * Maximum Risk Level, Fixed Lot Mode is true Order Lot Size = Lot Size
  • TSL: TSL means Trailing Stop Lose. It is by default 50 points.
  • Start Time: It is the time permission to start first order. To avoid orders at unmatured trend we set it 7 hours buy default. Start time is variable to different Terminal times.
  • End Time: It is maximum allowed time to open orders. we set by default 84600 (1970.01.01 : 23:30) second per day.
  • Maximum Risk: It is MQL4 Default Lot management function. We set it by default 0.02 suggestible for traders. maximum level is 0.2 for speculators. This function is linked with Fixed Lot Size=False.
  • Decrease Factor: It is lot size controller at continues order losses. Function by default 3.0 and it is mql4 function.
Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.10 14:01 

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Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.21 08:26 

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Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.08.22 06:59 

very good

Version 6.0 2015.06.17
Number of orders Decreased to 5.
Multi level order increment removed.
Turnover increased 50% more.
40% lower Draw Down then Version 3.0
"MaxOrders" In put added to allow maximum number of orders by user.