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Multi Bollinger

This is a multicurrency Bollinger Bands indicator that outlines a price location relative to the indicator lines and sends a notification.


The indicator tracks Bollinger Bands status on all symbols available for trading simultaneously. It allows you to analyze plenty of symbols and select the most suitable ones in a matter of seconds. The product demonstrates the presence of a Bollinger-based signal and notifies of that in a convenient way.

Basic Features

  • Displaying symbol names. The appropriate chart is opened when clicking on a label.
  • Charts are opened with an appropriate template.
  • Displaying price location (near the upper, center or lower Bollinger line).
  • Displaying Bollinger center line direction (up or down).
  • Displaying open orders at a symbol.
  • Displaying spread. If spread exceeds a necessary value, notification or alert is not sent.


  1. Select necessary symbols in the terminal (Ctrl+U).
  2. Open any chart and launch conventional Bollinger Bands with necessary settings (you can add any other indicators and EAs).
  3. Right-click on the chart -> Template -> Save Template...
  4. Remember the template name.
  5. Add Multi Bollinger indicator to any chart. Specify the name of the created template and other settings.
  6. The indicator is ready to go. The subwindow with the list of selected symbols is displayed on the chart.

At the first run, the indicator needs some time to download the history of each symbol.


  • Symbol name – when clicking a label, a chart of an appropriate symbol is opened. The template specified in the settings is applied to the chart immediately.
  • The first icon shows the price location relative to the Bollinger lines (the price near the upper line; the price near the lower line; the price near the center line).
  • The second icon – Bollinger center line direction (up ord down).
  • Figure stands for spread in points.
  • If there are open positions for this symbol, buy or sell label is displayed.
  • If a signal has formed at a symbol, yellow !!! mark appears near the symbol name. As soon as this symbol is present, the indicator does not send notifications and alerts. If you click on it once, it changes its color. When clicked the second time, the symbol is deleted. The symbol is updated once per bar.


  • type of signal – signal notification type: push, alert or no notification.
  • alert type – notification cases:
    • all – when approaching any line regardless of the Bollinger center line direction.
    • one_direction – when the price is at the upper line, while the center line is directed upwards and vice versa.
    • diff_direction – when the price is at the lower line, while the center Bollinger line is directed upwards and vice versa.
  • reverse signal – reverse the signal from the Bollinger lines.
  • period, deviation, shift, applied price – usual Bollinger settings.
  • distance to line – the distance from the line, at which notification is activated. The value is set in percentage. For example, 5 means 5% of the distance between the upper and lower Bollinger lines. In other words, the narrower the Bollinger, the closer the price should approach the lines.
  • bars for direction – amount of bars used to define the center line direction.
  • template name – name of the template that is to be downloaded when opening symbol charts.
  • spread limit – if a spread exceeds this value, the signal is not detected.
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