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Volatility Breakout Trader MT4

This system is based on neural networks. It analyzes ranging markets waiting for the next major breakout. The system trades by placing strict pending orders on the most recent support or resistance levels likely to be broken by active volatility. This volatility breakout systems are based on the premise that if the market moves a certain percentage from a previous price level, the odds favor some continuation of the move. This continuation might last from a few seconds or for a few hours, or go just a little bit beyond the original entry price, but this is still enough of a profit to play for. The EA uses trail stop to follow profit and breakeven at 1 pip to keep a profitable trade from turning to a loss. It has been trained on EURUSD data from 2007 till date.

This EA sets SL at 30 pips and TP at 300 pips, to reduce drawdown and maintain Equity growth

It is advisable to use on VPS. Ping to the broker's server may be around 100 ms, which is enough, because trades are opened using pending orders.

Check https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/theallegrarr for signals

EA works on most pairs, run test before using on any pair and also find the best risk for your equity.

Turn off stealth mode during backtest to speed up back test.

Advantages of this System

  • The EA does not use such systems as Martingale, hedging, or Scalping. Always uses SL and TP.
  • Good testing results on data from 2007.
  • Good testing results.
  • No need to close the robot during news releases, it trades volatile periods well.
  • Works on as low as $100 balance.
  • DD is controlled so well that even with up to 30% MM, you will not get a very large DD.


  • In periods of very low volatility, SL will be hit often.
  • It takes a small amount of patience to work with this system.
  • Spread alone must not exceed 1.2 pips (before commission).
  • Requires good execution, broker should not have too much slippage. (ECN is preferable).

EA Parameters

  • StealthMode: Hides SL, TP and Trailing from broker.
  • StartHour: Time for EA to start.
  • EndHour: Time for EA to stop.
  • Lotsize: When using fixed lot, set size here.
  • UseMM: Set true to activate money management.
  • LotsPercent: Percentage of balance to be used by MM to place orders (it is safe to stay at 50% or lower).
  • MaxLot: Maximum lot size allowed.
  • MinLot: Minimum lot size allowed.
  • Stoploss: Stop loss.
  • TakeProfit: Take profit.
  • Breakeven: Amount of profit in pips to take when a profit trade is turning to loss.
  • TrailStop: Value to trail a profit trade.
  • TrailStep: Steps for movement of the trail.
  • ExpireHour: Time for a pending order to expire when it is not hit.
  • Magic_Number: EA magic number.
  • Maxbuystop: Max number of Buy Stops at each resistance level.
  • MaxSellStop: Max number of Sell Stops at each support level.
asaens15 2016.11.03 18:45 

Poor performance on my system

burhanck 2016.04.25 10:15 

it is not worth to pay even 10 usd. The backtest results are great! But I used settings he recommended me after his backtest. I only lost money with this EA. I also paid him extra money to edit this EA but I lost another 2000 usd because of his bad code skills. I don't recommend to buy this. And his target is not helping or satisfying customer, he only wants to get his money, It is really sad to see coder like him in here!!!

Ahmet Minaz
Ahmet Minaz 2015.12.20 10:56 

very goog EA. but very high price :)

Koenraad Vanhaeren
Koenraad Vanhaeren 2015.11.17 20:30 

This is another breakout EA. I did several tests. Sometimes you have long period with no profit but at some short point it has.

I am running it real now, and it seems to be the same as the tests.

shawnnny 2015.11.07 03:32 

Like the EA and good support from Nurudeen. Waiting for additional features to be implemented.

Update: No doubt a great EA, increasing to 5 stars. I'm still waiting for more features to be implemented that will bring the EA to the next great level.

Javier Angel Labandeira Garcia
Javier Angel Labandeira Garcia 2015.10.15 22:50 

I am testing this EA in a demo acc with the 2 recommended pairs, after 1 month global profitability is really good. DD is low, it trades often and most are profitable.

I think it is important before trading, to look for the correct Lots% and MaxLot for our acc in the tester.

I have some little doubt and sent a pm to seller today, but before knowing how he will ask me, I give 5 starts, just for his EA.

frederic gaspari
frederic gaspari 2015.10.12 13:04   

I stop this definitely ea before it burns my account, small gains and great losses, very disappointed, there are much cheaper and profitable Expert Advisors.I try 2 different broker with tight spread and fast execution but it change nothing, simply the strategy of this ea is bad

Stacey B.
Stacey B. 2015.10.01 19:21 

June 2015: Good product. Small drawdown, fluent trading, suitable for small deposits. Looks nice. MT5 version is available.

October 2015: With all my respect to developer and with pain in my heart I have to change my review, cause the EA doesn't work for me at all. Sorry, Nurudeen, you're a great guy, so 2 stars instead of 1.

ferdi77 2015.09.16 22:51 

the ea is good. really made the profit. the author very responsive. thank you

Cleveland Gombar
Cleveland Gombar 2015.09.03 15:24 

This is a GREAT product! My Demo account with $10,000 US using EURUSD 15 min chart produced $200+ overnight the first day it was installed. I live in US so have to use FIFO and 1:50 leverage (broker wants $2600 margin per lot). I had one email session with the author Nurudeen Amenu and within one hour of sending him my questions, I was set up on my existing $10,000 LIVE account. In less than 24 hours from that email help, my real account has gained $400 in the EURUSD chart using the MM=true and LotsPercent=3 (gives 0.32 Lot per trade), CloseOpposite=true. All other settings are default settings. This is a wonderful gain on a 0.32 lot size setup. It installs and sets up on a chart as a working EA just perfectly. Risk is managed well, the $400 gain includes subtracting the several small losses amounting to $80 from false breakouts. Nothing else for you to do, just wait for action! While I'm waiting, I'm adding it to the USDJPY chart in my live (real)account. I say THANK YOU to Nuradeen Amenu! THANK YOU!

Version 1.50 2016.01.13
New Trade closing logic added
Compared to older versions, this version has the lowest DD
Version 1.40 2015.12.07
Addbuy, Addsell: added distance (in points) to pending orders
maxslippage: the system which makes the EA sensitive to slippage and spread changes, the EA then adjusts itself
Faster trade management for trailing and breakeven
Version 1.30 2015.08.28
StealthMode: Hide TP, SL and Trailing from broker
CloseOpposite: Close 1 trade when a signal in opposite breakout comes. Trailing stop fixed
maxbuystop & maxsellstop: limits the number of open orders at each price level

Version 1.10 2015.05.19
Minor Errors corrected