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Places orders and checks their presence only at the moment of opening a new candle, perfectly works on M1 and M5. Although, if you just need a grid of orders and you are trading on rollback, you can use larger timeframes and larger steps.

Opens the grid of pending orders with the specified step (very handy for placing a grid of orders at round numbers).

It places sell orders above the current price and buy orders below the current price. Orders are not accumulated, unwanted orders are deleted. The grid of orders always follows the price.

By default it will trade the minimum lot of 0.01. But if the tool has a bigger minimum value of a lot (for example 0.1), it automatically places 0.1 lot. If you specify the lot size, which exceeds the minimum value, then it sells the lot you specified.

Recommended size of the deposit for trading using default settings is $500.


  • steps = 100; - step to place orders.
  • count = 10; - number of orders above and below the current price.
  • Lots = 0.01; - lot size.
  • StopLoss = 0; - StopLoss level.
  • TakeProfit = 100; - TakeProfit level.
  • MagicNumber = 26101985; - magic number for the EA to identify orders.
  • Slippage = 2; - price slippage in case of considerable growth or fall.
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