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ManualPositionSupporter Trial


  • For manual position opened by you, ensures the benefit of the target, and then starts trailing stop.
  • Has improved usability by displaying the BreakEven, TrailingStop parameters as a horizontal line.
  • If there is one position on the chart, it draws BreakEven line and TrailingStop line for one position.
  • You can set the roughness of the trailing (1 pips unit, 10 pips units).
  • If you set the BreakEven parameter to 0, it will be the movement of a normal trailing stop.


  • BreakEven – profit pips to target (default – 10)
  • BreakEvenColor – BreakEven horizontal line color (default – Aqua)
  • TrailingStop – pips to trailing from the current price (default – 10)
  • TrailingStopColor – TrailingStop horizontal line color (default – DeepPink)
  • DigitsMinus – roughness of the BreakEven and TrailingStop (default – 0). If you set 0, it operates in 1 pips unit. If you set to 1, it operates in 10 pips units (in this case, BreakEven and TrailingStop parameters should be a multiple of 10).
  • displayMode – if you want to display the parameter in the upper left corner of the screen, set to 1 (default – 1).
Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.15 06:23 

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