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BlackJackIsOver is one of recent versions of the EA based on the built-in MicroTrendChecker indicator. The trading system tracks and trades on short-term market movements during a trend. Virtual trailing system is implemented into the expert.

The expert is meant for ECN account!


  • TakeProfit — Take Profit value in points;
  • StopLoss — Stop Loss value in points;
  • _mul — multiplier to manage positions closing according to equity availability regarding the account balance (If equity exceeds the account balance multiplied by _mul value, the position will be closed);
  • TrailingStop — Trailing stop value;
  • TrailingStep — Trailing Stop step;
  • MagicNumber — Expert Advisor's magic number;
  • MaxSpread — Maximum allowed spread;
  • TimeM — Trading start time for the Expert Advisor;
  • TimeE — Trading end time for the Expert Advisor;
  • minLot — Minimum lot;
  • maxLot — Maximum lot;
  • stepLot — Lot step;
  • fixedLots — Lot size mode for pending orders (false — trading percent of deposit, true — trading minimum lot);
  • Lot — Minimum lot for trading with fixed order volume;
  • MaximumRisk — Maximum percent of the deposit in trades;
  • IntegratedIndicator: Built-in indicator parameters;
  • *wits — Integer value; the 1st parameter of the indicator;
  • *body — Integer value; the 2nd parameter of the indicator;
  • *sense — Integer value; the 3rd parameter of the indicator;
  • *points — Number of points from the market to place pending orders;
  • *delta — Non-integral value; the 4th parameter of the indicator;
  • lModPos — Open position modification mode, trailing (true - modification of certain positions, false - modification of all positions by positive total value in points).
2015.07.03 18:04 


Felipe Ponce Aragon
2015.06.02 15:37 

Today I lost a lot. Average profit trade and average losing trade are similar in size IN BACKTEST. In real trading, losing tradse are sometimes a little larger, sometimes much larger than profit trades. In average, we lose.

Most trades are closed in profit. Losing trades should not be huge when compared to profit trades.