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Channel Skalper System

The EA does not use any indicators except price movement speed and dynamically changing channel as a filter! It does not use martingale, locking, averaging! It places StopLoss, TakeProfit depends on TrailingStop. But you can place TakeProfit without TrailingStop. Lot increases with the growth of the balance. But you can disable this function and trade a fixed lot. Works both on five digit brokers (with fixed spread) and four digit brokers. Automatically detects 4 and 5 digit quotes. Compatible to news trading strategy (fixed spread only)

  • We recommend to use on accounts with no commission;
  • TF is М1;
  • Spread should not exceed 3 points for 4 digit quotes or 30 pips for 5 digit quotes;
  • Preferable currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD (the EA was not tested on other pairs);
  • Required initial deposit is 1000 units;


  1. Lots — lot the EA will work with if MaxRisk=0;
  2. MaxRisk — risk of the deposit per a trade (if Lots=0.01*MaxRisk=3 then working lot=0.03), the best initial values are from 0 to 3;
  3. TakeProfit — you can set your value (trade closes according to TrailingStop by default);
  4. StopLoss — stop loss (you can set your value);
  5. TrailingStop — trailing;
  6. TrailingStep — trailing step;
  7. Slipage — acceptable slippage;
  8. MaxTrades — maximum number of trades opened in the price direction (to gain maximum profit);
  9. TimeOnFriday — disable on Friday (hours only; for example 17 will mean that the EA will stop opening trades at 5 pm in the terminal time);
  10. Magic — necessary to distinguish the EA's orders.
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Version 2.1 2015.05.05
Added ability to manage the channel indication update rate (TimeStep parameter)