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EASuperSTAR SNiPer Full Edition

Trading is like shooting. Good Trader is like a sniper.

A sniper in the military has an edge over his enemy. His edge is unwavering patience, mastery of weapon and the ability to remain conscious in high stress situations.

And similar, a pro trader has an edge over the novice trader. His edge is unwavering patience, mastery of Forex setup and the ability to remain calmn in spite of fear and greed.

Novice trader acts like a machine-gunner. He shoots at everything he sees (trading too much), sooner or later he will run out of ammo (money) and fail to accomplish his goals in the market.

EASuperSTAR SNiPeR has only 4 parameters:

  1. Use fix lot - true or false;
  2. Risking in one trade - x% balance. If "Use fix lot" is false, "Risking in one trade" mode will calculate volume to risk x% of total balance in one trade;
  3. TP/SL - Take Profit and Stop Loss ratio (default value is 1.7);
  4. Minimum balance - If balance is below the value of "Minimum balance", the Expert Advisor will stop trading (default value is 4000).

EASuperSTAR SNiPeR "battleground" is a very high timeframe chart: Daily chart. Trade signals are filtered very tightly. It better works on GBPUSD D1.

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