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Virtual TrailingStop

Virtual TrailingStop is an Expert Advisor that manages trailing stop without sending its information to the broker server.

Input Parameters

  • EnableVirtualTrailingStop: enable or disable whole function
  • VirtualTrailingStop: the pip use for determine how far the Virtual ‌Trailing Stop will placed calculated from current price
  • StartFromBreakEven: true/false. If true, Virtual Trailing Stop will placed after breakeven
  • BreakEvenPoint: point profit from order open price where the Virtual Trailing Stop will started to work
  • VirtualLine: color setting for the Virtual Line
  • VirtualLabel: color setting for the Virtual Label
  • VirtualFont: font setting for the Virtual Font
  • VirtualFontSize: font size setting for the Virtual Font Size
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Version 2.0 - 2017.03.10
1. Add MT5 hedging compatibility
2. Update the order's closing algorithm to the last one