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The Wind of Change USDCAD Scalper

The Wind of Change-USDCAD-Scalper is an automated trend following scalping system based on a proprietary method of simultaneous trend identification on 5 time frames: М1, М5, М15,H4, D1.

Trade aim amounts to 10 points. The system works at a certain time, which is automatically defined relative to GMT, and can be adjusted for any time zone of your broker and terminal. The main time frame for an active chart is D1.

The system is entirely customized and developed for EURUSD only. We release the product for each pair individually, as every pair has its own peculiar behavior.

It was tested from 2000.01.01 till 2015.01.01. There is a video file with the full test where the system performance is demonstrated.

We are selling the product at a reduced price as we suppose it to be a good sales pitch aimed in making our products available for customers of various price segments. WE want our products to be availably to everyone. I.e. any person could pick a product depending on his or her financial abilities and preferences.

Important: current system configuration is set for USDCAD. The system has been tested on different brokers' terminals (amount of open orders for the whole testing period can be dramatically different comparing to the history of quotes. We had about 200 orders in one terminal and about 100 orders in another terminal. To obtain relevant results we recommend testing at least in 2 and even as much as 4-5 different terminals). That is why we do not recommend changing parameters, as they are the best for this system. So parameters are locked and cannot be changed. We also recommend testing the system in tick quotes not applying data interpolation. Use tick quotes from https://www.dukascopy.com to obtain the most accurate backtesting results

System Parameters:

  • Management_work_of_model_3=TRUE - enable/disable model 3.
  • Management_work_of_model_9=TRUE - enable/disable model 9.
  • Management_work_of_model_489=TRUE - enable/disable model 489.
  • Management_work_of_model_2683=TRUE - enable/disable model 2683.
  • Management_work_of_model_2684=TRUE - enable/disable model 2684.
  • Trade_On_Friday=TRUE - enable/disable trading on Friday.
  • Trade_On_Monday=TRUE - enable/disable trading on Monday.
  • HIGHT_res_UP_Tr_Buy_Ord_Long_Pos_sup_DOWN_Tr_Sell_Ord_Short_Pos - channel for manual input of support and resistance points on the basis of external data (disabled by default).
  • LOW_sup_UP_Tr_Buy_Ord_Long_Pos_res_DOWN_Tr_Sell_Ord_Short_Pos - channel for manual input of support and resistance points on the basis of external data (disabled by default).
  • Value_Spread_for_Block_Open_Orders - spread limit.
  • Band_BOLINGER_value_filtring_volatility - Bollinger channel width limit (according to working time frame).
  • leverage - leverage for calculation, automated determination or manual level if USE_hand_tuning_laverage - true.
  • USE_hand_tuning_laverage - leverage manual control. Presets own calculation level of the leverage regardless of a leverage transmitted by a broker.
  • Prots_depo_for_margin_for_alone_orders - percent of deposit used for margin for one order.
  • ALL_Prots_depo_for_margin_for_all_open_orders - percent of deposit used for margin for all orders.
  • Block_open_new_orders_if_open_order_maximal_drawdown_dep_Prots - percent of deposit in drawdown. Orders are not opened above this point.
  • Max_Orders - maximum number of orders opened simultaneously.
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