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  • For manual position opened by you, ensures the benefit of the target, and then start trailing stop.
  • Has improved usability by displaying the BreakEven, TrailingStop parameters as a horizontal line.
  • If there are multiple positions on the chart, it draws BreakEven line and TrailingStop line for each position.
  • You can set the roughness of the trailing (1pips unit, 10pips units).
  • If you set the BreakEven parameter to 0, it will be the movement of a normal trailing stop.


  • BreakEven — profit pips to target (default 10)
  • BreakEvenColor — BreakEven horizontal line color (default Aqua)
  • TrailingStop — pips to trailing from the current price (default 10)
  • TrailingStopColor — TrailingStop horizontal line color (default DeepPink)
  • DigitsMinus — roughness of the BreakEven and TrailingStop (Default 0). If you set 0, it operates in 1pips unit. If you set to 1, it operates in 10pips units (in this case, BreakEven and TrailingStop parameters should be a multiple of 10).
  • displayMode — if you want to display the parameter in the upper left corner of the screen, set to 1 (default 1).
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Version 2.7 2015.04.28
Changed BreakEven initial value (15 → 10).
Fixed horizontal line display when applied to multiple charts.