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This Expert Advisor is my first product from the series of trading robots working on news. I have spent plenty of time and efforts, since each function has been developed from scratch. All the following robots have been developed using the first one as a template. The difference between them is the calculation system for performing trades.

Initially, I was developing a robot to show a steady monthly profit of 30%. I searched through a plethora of various strategies with no suitable result. After that, the idea of this trading robot has appeared eventually surpassing my expectations. The parameters have been selected manually to let the robot actually "feel" the market.

  • The Expert Advisor works during news releases
  • The EA trades ten symbols simultaneously
  • The main parameters are automated
  • Turbo mode provides high operation speed
  • No drawdown accumulation
  • Two-level deposit protection
  • Easily optimized

The strategy works since 2008. It did not fit market conditions before that time.


  • Symbols - number of active pairs from 1 to 10 as a drop-down list:
    • One_pair - one pair
    • Two_pairs - two pairs 
    • Three_pairs - three pairs
    • Four_pairs - four pairs
    • Five_pairs - five pairs
    • Six_pairs - six pairs
    • Seven_pairs - seven pairs
    • Eight_pairs - eight pairs
    • Nine_pairs - nine pairs
    • Ten_pairs - ten pairs
  • Tools - list of default symbols: GBPUSD/EURUSD/USDJPY/USDCHF/USDCAD/AUDUSD/EURJPY/EURGBP/EURCHF. The EA reads the list from left to right.
  • Total - number of characters in a symbol: suppose that EURUSD has 6 characters, while _EURUSD already has 7 characters and GOLD has 4 characters, etc.
    Note: It is strictly prohibited to enter symbols with different number of characters in the symbol list above. If the list contains an error beginning from its middle part, the trading is performed by the first valid symbols in the list till the error is reached. If the list contains an error at the very beginning, the EA trades the current symbol.
  • Distance - distance from the price for placing pending orders. It is also a basic parameter for calculating the indicator block. It defines the accuracy of market entry signals. Pay attention to this parameter during optimization
  • Magic - EA identifier
  • StopLoss - protective stop order level in points
  • RiskPercent - auto money management risk
  • Slippage - maximum deviation from the requested price
  • TrailStart - distance from an order, from which stop order trailing is enabled
  • UseTime - trading by time (server time is used)
  • BeginTime - trading start time
  • EndTime - trading end time
  • CloseTime - close orders upon expiration (recommended)
  • Spread - maximum available spread
  • Comments - display information on a chart
  • UseVirtStopLoss - use a virtual stop order
  • CloseAll - close all orders and forbid trading


  • VPS is recommended. The applied strategy requires reliable server connection
  • Recommended currency pairs are set by default
  • Recommended timeframe is H1
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Version 2.0 2015.05.12
Improved operation of some EA blocks