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Kick the hornet

This Expert Advisor is for trading EURUSD. Timeframe – Н1 only!

Kick the Hornet trades false breakthroughs. It waits for a strong movement (up or down) and places a stop order (buy stop or sell stop) to catch possible sharp reversal. If no reversal occurs, the order is deleted after a while. Stop losses and take profits are calculated based on the current market volatility.

The trading robot withstands tests from 2007 to 2015 with the increased spread of 30 points. There is an ability to enable money management (in that case, the lot is calculated in % of the trading deposit).

The trading robot does not use dangerous methods (trading without stop losses, martingale, etc.).


  • Magic=10040474 – magic number (allows the EA to find its own orders to work with them).
  • Lots = 0.1 – fixed lot. The robot trades only that lot (without increasing or decreasing it if ММ = 0).
  • MM=0 – risk, in % of the deposit. For example, if ММ = 1, the robot risks 0.01 lots per each $1 000 of the deposit. If ММ = 15, the robot risks 0.15 lots per each $1 000 of the deposit.

Attention! Due to the EA algorithm peculiarities, the robot should be tested ONLY in Every tick mode. Testing by Open prices or Control points is impossible!

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