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Order Basket

Order Basket

Pool orders and exit once a certain profit is reached.

Order Basket remembers active positions as a single group. Once the combined profit of all the orders of the group is reached, Order Basket automatically closes all the orders in that group.


  • magic numbers - comma separated values for order magic numbers that Order Basket is set to track
  • target profit - target profit for the basket of orders in the deposit currency


If using expert advisors or scripts, add their magic numbers to Order Basket.

If tracking manually-opened trades, make sure that the magic number value 0 is included on the list.


  • Works in single and multiple instruments
  • Resumes when the platform is restarted
  • Prints a message on the log when the target profit is hit
  • Provides chart comments indicating the current profit value of the basket, as well as the orders included on the basket and their individual unrealized profits
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