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LBO Expert Ad


London breakout strategy is a very profitable intra-day trading system. This strategy can give 30-100 pips everyday from every major pair. Principle of this trading strategy is very simple and easy to use. Market usually remains in ranging mode on Tokyo session. London session starts after the end of Tokyo session. Then market acceleration starts and breaks the ranging area.

This EA can help you to automate your trading and control your money management automatically.



Expert Properties

  • isECN: True—If your account is ECN Account.
  • UseMoneyManagement: True—The EA will manage your Money Management.
  • TrailingStop: True—Use trailing stop.
  • RiskPercent: 10%-100%—How much risk for every trade (If UseMoneyManagement = True).
  • Lots: 0.01—Fix lot for every trade (If UseMoneyManagement = False).
  • Maxlots: 4.00—Max lot to trade (If UseMoneyManagement = True).
  • Slippage: 3—Price slippage.
  • TP_Level: 1-5—Profit level.
  • MagicNumber: 725357—Any numbers or strings.
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