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Royal Recovery Algorithmics

The Royal Recovery Algorithmics is a mathematical algorithm that automatically open trades it is a MULTI-CURRENCY EA. It also has the potential to been trade manually. How? Just put it in "auto Trade is false". In doing so, it will behave in the same way as the "Recovery Algorithm".

Need more information about this product? I invite you to look at the description of the Recovery Algorithmic and also to read all the description from the Royal Recovery Algorithmic. The algorithm and its operation are clearly explained. In addition to behaving in the same way as "Recovery Algorithm", the "Royal Recovery Algorithmics" uses four main indicators.

But how works the algorithm?The Expert Advisor use four indicators that are looking for a convergence point to open a Trade followed by your entry criteria or my entry criteria that I will send to my customers if needed but really all is clear and simple.

But when comes the "Recovery Algorithm"? Well, the "Recovery Algorithm" protects your position according to your criteria SL, TP, multiplication factor and puts a stop order to the opposite position. I invite you to see my screenshot.

When the Recovery Zone is clearly explained. It is in this way that my mathematical Recovery Algorithm works.

Royal Recovery Algorithmics will automatically open a trade with your settings that you will define on the Expert Advisor settings according to your criteria SL, TP, multiplication factor and will put a stop order to the opposite position and automatically manage all the trades. Best to use on a VPS.


  • Only chart symbol - True (the EA will work in the selected currency pair on 1 chart and 1 trade). If false the EA will work on all open trades with the same settings but only one trade per currency pair will be possible.
  • Max Slippage (in points) - default 3.
  • Alert &Sound on open and close - if true you will have a popup alert with a sound alert.
  • Hedge Distance pips - 30 pips default (this is the recovery zone).
  • Hedge lot multiplication - 1 default (best is 1.5, 2, 2.5 or more with your own risk management).
  • Max reverse enabled - True/false.
  • Max reverse after manual entry - 5 if true the EA will open max 5 reverse trade after the manual trade and not more.
  • Auto entry (true) or manual entry (false) - true.
  • Lot size - 0.01 default.
  • Money Management enabled - True /false.
  • Risk per trade % - 1.0 if true EA will risk 1% from the account balance to trade with.
  • RSI - true/false if true the EA will trade with the RSI conditions to open a trade.  Buy if >= level 50.  Sell if <= level 50.
  • Stochastic- True/false   Buy if >= level and up cross 20   Sell if <= level and down cross 80.
  • MA cross enabled - true/false.
  • Manual: take profit in pips - 60 default max pips win.
  • Manual: stop loss in pips - 90 default max lose pips.
  • Reverse: take profit in pips - max pips win 60 default.
  • Reverse: stop loss in pips 90
  • Trailing stop enabled - if true ea. will moves the stop loss from the manual trade to the current price to lock profits.
  • Open trading session - must be 0. Close trading session - must be 2359 for each Day.
  • RSI settings period - 21 default on Price close price or median price, weighted price.
  • Stochastic settings - K period 21, D period 3, slowing 3 on MA method Simple or exponential.
  • MA settings - Fast period 20 Fast method Simple or exponential, smoothed, Slow period 50.
  • Logging information - must be true to work correctly.

For my Customers

Please write me a private message and I will give you recommendations on how to trade on a live account and how to use the Royal recovery algorithmics settings right.


Sami Derti is a passionate trader that have studied different trading courses with success and have been a student trader for more than 6 years to finally become a professional trader.

2015.06.01 04:20 

Second ea that a buy from this seller but this ea is the one you must have ! Excellent ea