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The I LOVE FOREX EA is a very simple expert system that works with ZigZag Stairs Indicator and using breakout strategy. It only opens trade when market actually breakout. It opens maximum 2 trades (1 buy and 1 sell if one of those does not close). It is very easy to use, does not need any complicated settings, just add it to a chart and it will run like clockwork for you. You can trade or test it on XAUUSD because we created this EA for this pair, but you can also trade or test FX, or any other currency pairs with changing parameters in order to get best result as you like. It is desirable to make backtest and demo test before running it on a real account.

The I LOVE FOREX EA uses no martingale, no hedging, no grid. It always uses stop loss to protect your money. We created and developed I LOVE FOREX EA to work on H1 charts, also it must trade on XAUUSD, if you want to get very high profit from this EA. It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS. 1:100 leverage or more is good. If you have a micro account, you can start using it with $20 only (Spead 16-36). Recommended time frame: H1

For Customers

Please send the author a private message to get support or help, or anything else.

Important Parameters. Please don't change them until you know what you do.


  • Min_Equity: 20 usd Minimum Equity: 20 usd if leverage = 1:100 it can trade 0.01 lot of XAUUSD.
  • Min_Leverage: 1:100 Minimum leverage: at least 1:100.
  • MaxSpread: 100 If spread widen >=100 EA will delete pending orders.
  • Risk: 5% Max risk per trade: 5% balance.
  • Breakeven:True True: Break even is active; False: inactive.
  • Breakevenlevel: 40 (>= Stop Level+10) When profit is equal 40 it will move stoploss to open price, if we choose higher we will have higher risk and higher chance to get more profit because it will be more difficult to hit stoploss). If Stop Level of brokers is 50 you should choose Breakeven Level : 50+10=60, but as often Stop Level of Broker is zero you should choose 40.
  • Use trailing: True True: Trailing stop is active; False: inactive.
  • Trailing stop: 100 When profit is equal 100 it will begin to trail.
  • Distance of top/bottom and Order Open Price: 50. Eg: Peak of ZigZag Stair Indicator is 1190.00, it will put buy stop at 1190.50 and vice versa with sell stop.
  • EndHour: 23 When Server time is >=23, EA will not put pending orders and no trade.
  • Lotvar: 1: Autolot and lot=free equity* risk/stoploss; Lotvar=0, lot = FixLot.
  • FixLot: 0.01 Fixed lot = 0.01) you can correct this parameter as you like.
  • ZigZag: 50 Means ZigZag Indicator (50,5,3) We can correct from 5-50, the lower zigzag the shorter term , EA will open trades more but less exactly.
Javier Angel Labandeira Garcia
Javier Angel Labandeira Garcia 2016.03.16 17:50 

I hope these comments were useful for you all. We, the little traders, might help among us; all the rest are the big ones and the brokers, and they like to eat our hard earned money...

I used this EA in demo acounts, and for a short time in 2 real. In Demo accs, 2% risk (author recommends 10%), other settings as recommended:

* From 2015-11-22 to 2016-03-07, FXTM brk, 1000€ acc, EURUSD H1: end 1022€. Detailed in http://www.fxblue.com/users/16038640

* From 2016-01-15 to 2016-03-07, FXCC XL-acc brk, 3000€ acc, EURUSD H1: end 3038€. Detailed in http://www.fxblue.com/users/378888

* From 2016-02-09 to 2016-03-08, FXTM brk, 30000€ acc, 29 pairs H1: end 61€. Some pairs were profitable, EURUSD was not in this month but it was in the former acc (3 months). Must say many EAs are lesser stable when used in many pairs in the same acc than when used alone in 1 pair. Details http://www.fxblue.com/users/16045685

Attention from the author was fine when I had some doubt about settings.

COCLUSION: Well, maybe this EA could be profitable in Real acc, I don´t know. Problem is not the EAs but the tricky brokers (all they are tricky). In some other profitable EAs, I have compared demo and real ECN accs, in 2 brokers at the same time, order by order. Open price is good and similar but later they trick the EA in Real through the execution time. I have had a close (through SL, BE or TP) in 3 seconds in Real (loss) and in 8 minutes in Demo or the 2nd. brk (both with profit). Sometimes there was a difference in time-close of 2 hours!.

Sometimes it is the contrary, they delate the order-close when you are in profit and close quickly later when you are in loss, or they close you in Real acc early when in initial loss while in demo acc the order close in its nornal way with profit...

To sum up, IMHO, there are many good EAs out there, maybe this is one of them, but the brks always trick them so that, it must be a very very good EA for being profitale in spite of all these tricks. That´s why I am moving to semiautomatic trading in longer TFs, and will not use EAs, at least for now.

May you all have a good trading and save your hard earn money.

Yutish Govsky
Yutish Govsky 2016.01.26 14:51 

You may not got big losses but you may not have gain either.

It didn't work fine for my accounts on pepperstone, thinkforex, axiory.

Ross Kennedy
Ross Kennedy 2015.12.05 05:06 

2.1 update has made all the different , Running really smoothly on IC Markets ecn and Fxcc xl ,

Check out https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/149279#!tab=history

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napoleonik 2015.12.01 10:22 

Внимание! Этот автор мошенник! Он манипулировал данными на сигнале.

Сперва мне показалось странным почему на сигнале где советник имеет стоп 5 пунктов - среднее время удержание сделки 30 минут. Потом проанализировал сигнал я обнаружил ручные сделки с огромным стопом.

2015.11.24 10:42 Buy 0.02 EURUSD 1.06464 1.06610 1.07460 2015.11.24 15:54 1.06622 -0.09

3.16 получается стоп у этой сделки 14 пунктов)))

И таких сделок 7 я насчитал. Вы и сами их легко найдете, сделка которая действительно была от бота содержит в конце знак [sl], а левые сделки не содержат это. И все жирные плюсы это ручные сделки с огромным стопом.

Вот еще одна такая, вернее даже похлеще

2015.11.19 17:07 Buy 0.02 EURUSD 1.07100 1.06100 1.08100 2015.11.19 17:46 1.07194 -0.09

1.88 Стоп 1000 пипсов)

Тот же самый прием использует его клон https://www.mql5.com/en/users/hieutv

На его продукте клоне Smart Plows, те же мунипуляции с сигналом.


Attention! This author is scammer! He manipulated the data on the signal.

At first I found it strange why the signal where the adviser has a stop 5 points - average trade time 30 minutes. Then analyzed the signal, I found the manual deals with a huge stop.

2015.11.24 10:42 Buy 0.02 EURUSD 1.06464 1.06610 1.07460 2015.11.24 15:54 1.06622 -0.09


And there are seven orders I counted. You yourself are easy to find, which really was a warrant from the bot at the end of the sign contains a [sl], and manual orders do not contain it. And all the fat plus this manual deals with a huge stop.

Here is one such, rather even harder

2015.11.19 17:07 Buy 0.02 EURUSD 1.07100 1.06100 1.08100 2015.11.19 17:46 1.07194 -0.09


The same trick applies his clone https://www.mql5.com/en/users/hieutv

Its product clone Smart Plows, the same deception with the signal.

Gary Davis
Gary Davis 2015.09.01 04:27 

So far I believe this trades well. I have a set file for GU and Gold, You can try other pairs, just work with the settings. Very interesting EA.

Version 2.1 2015.12.02
Added parametters:
- ExtBU = 10: When profit is equal "BULevel" it will move stoploss to open price +/- ExtBU) it means that we have profit at least = ExtBU (in points).
- BackStep = 100, When Price returns at least 100 (in points), Stop Orders(Buy Stop/Sell Stop) will open.
- Open more trades, better results.
- Fixed error when changing to trade GOLD).
Version 2.0 2015.11.12
Added MACD indicators to filter out bad signals
Fixed stop loss error